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November 05, 2012

MACH's CashBack Revenue Assurance Solution Provides 'Real-Time' Leakage Detection

Telecom operators from all over the world suffer from revenue loss caused by inaccurate billings. Furthermore, real-time billing and rating capabilities provided with all-IP networks have increased the need for online revenue assurance solutions, which can offer live protection and leakage detection.

As estimated by analyst Mason, between 5 and 15 percent of a network operator’s revenue is lost due to leakage. According to KPMG, 94 percent of global telecoms operators anticipate leakage to increase in the coming years, with 49 percent expecting a particularly significant increase.

Due to the growing complexity of network technologies and increasing volume of new services, the need for an immediate, accurate and efficient revenue assurance system has risen.

Rasmus Holst, senior vice president of Market Offerings at MACH (News - Alert), commented in a statement, “Telecoms operators universally acknowledge that revenue assurance is a time game. The more potential leaks can be detected in real-time, the more money that can be saved. In-memory computing and analytics provide a massive advantage in terms of speed. These techniques also allow quick response to ‘what if?’ queries, meaning analysts can predict potential revenue leakage situations and receive not just the possible loss outcome, but also information about how to respond to a particular case.”

“Increasingly, operators need to be able to combine data with real-time analytics, requiring formidable data analysis techniques and the tools to consolidate and manage their data more effectively,” Holst added. “Detecting revenue leakage becomes a challenge for traditional revenue assurance models, as the solution needs to be able to detect and react at the same time.”

“CashBack Revenue Assurance” solutions provided by MACH use an in-memory computing technology for big data analysis, providing quick insights and predictive analysis. Its random access memory (RAM (News - Alert)) data access allows user requests to interact with data which is already loaded into the system, streamlining the process and providing a quicker, more efficient experience.

MACH’s cloud-based CashBack solution, part of its M Protect portfolio, manages data input through normalization, validation, reconciliation and reporting for end-to-end revenue assurance. Its in-memory analysis techniques provide a strong information management capability, helping to define and compare previous data patterns, and reinforce the validity of other information management techniques.

This, in effect, proactively identifies potential revenue leakage and sub-optimal revenue chain processes.

Edited by Braden Becker

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