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October 25, 2012

Active-Semi Unveils Power Application Controller Platform

Active-Semi, a company offering semiconductor power management solution for digital control of analog power, recently unveiled a Power Application Controller (PAC) platform that belongs to the company’s Micro Application Controller (µAC) solutions family.

PAC products are highly optimized for controlling and powering next-generation smart energy appliances, devices and equipment.

This new technology is easy to use and offers the flexibility and efficiency to empower the rapid worldwide conversion of energy-efficient home appliance, industrial control, LED lighting, computer power supply, automotive electronics and renewable energy products.

Through its high degree of integration and configurability, the PAC platform allows system designers to focus on high-value product features, along with improved system development efficiency.

"We are very glad to see the level of integration in the PAC platform with the features highly optimized for power control and conversion product designs," said KH Lee, manager and chief engineer, Energy Components for Home Appliance, LG Electronics (News - Alert). "PAC is a very unique system chip platform that allows us to implement various high energy efficiency products with reduced time to market."

According to the company, PAC platform can be a ideal source for electronics companies’ and design houses to easily and cost-effectively deploy crucial power control and conversion technologies in high-demand products such as washing machine, dishwashers and induction heat ovens, stoves and air conditioning systems.

The PAC platform shortens the development process by incorporating all analog and digital functions into a cost-effective system chip platform, and providing ample flexibility for a wide range of design options.

“Active-Semi is reinventing the microcontroller as we know it, beginning with the PAC platform which is truly a game changer for addressing the challenges and limitations of traditional controller chips, especially for power applications," said Larry Blackledge, CEO at Active-Semi and former vice president of Texas Instruments (News - Alert). "It leverages Active-Semi's extensive know-how in power electronics to provide a first-of-its kind solution for controlling power usage in very high-demand, energy efficient products.”

The company is currently offering a limited supply of PAC platform samples along with hardware and software design kits. Company officials said the volume production will take place in 2013 with unit pricing starting at under $1.00.

Edited by Braden Becker

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