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October 24, 2012

China's Huawei Offers Unrestricted Access to Software Code and Hardware to Prove Innocence

According to a recent House Intelligence Committee report based on U.S. congressional panel investigations, Chinese telecom equipment suppliers Huawei (News - Alert) and ZTE pose a national security threat. The two are accused of spying for the Chinese government. And, therefore, the panel recommended that the two be banned from any U.S. mergers and acquisitions.

Both the Chinese manufacturers deny such accusations. To prove its innocence, Huawei has taken a bold step. Slash Gear reports that Huawei is now ready to provide unrestricted access to its software code and equipment.

The Slash Gear report published a statement from Huawei that read, “The company has a well-demonstrated track record of responsibly adhering to local laws and regulations in the markets in which it does business.”

As per this report, a little over a week after the accusation was made, a source who claimed to be close to the matter told Reuters (News - Alert) that the White House had found no evidence of Huawei engaging in espionage.

Going further to clear its name, chairman of the Huawei Australia branch, John Lord, has stated, “Huawei is willing to offer complete and unrestricted access to our software source code and our equipment in such an environment.”

Slash Gear reporter Brittany Hillen wrote that the environment Lord is referring to is a transparent framework in which foreign vendors could be subjected to security testing procedures. Lord added, “This system would allow tech products made overseas to be evaluated independently, and that such a setup is necessary for safety.” The report indicates that U.K. already has a similar system in place and Lord referred to this system when making the proposal.

Besides the U.S., Huawei is also facing similar accusations in Canada, which was considering using the Chinese supplier as part of its upcoming government communications network.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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