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October 23, 2012

HFlame Coaxes Hadoop to Deliver Real Time Data Insights

Big data has become the buzzword for 2012 and the pace at which it is generated across various channels, leaves us literally breathless. By itself, it's just a lot of data that is captured and clubbed together but for it to be useful, it has to be analyzed to deliver real time insights.

While Hadoop has been the preferred data analytics platform for many big data problems, it suffers from a serious limitation, that of non real time data analysis. To overcome this, Data Advent, Inc, a big data technology startup based in India, has announced the release of beta version of HFlame - Real Time Hadoop.

HFlame enhances Hadoop distributions with real time data analysis capabilities and ensures that there is a continuous analysis on data streams inside Hadoop file system.

Thus, the rejuvenated Hadoop platform can meet both offline and online data analytics needs of enterprise and deliver instant real time insights without the help of alternate technologies. It also speeds up execution and requires a smaller sized cluster.

There are two versions of HFlame, the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is a free, full featured version that places limits on number of concurrent real time jobs and number of nodes in the Hadoop cluster.

With HFlame, Hadoop Map-Reduce jobs instantly processes and reports insights in the new data as soon as it is stored in Hadoop. It is considered a zero API product. HFlame doesn't redistribute Hadoop core and tools but plugs into customer's own Hadoop distribution and tools.

However, the Enterprise Edition goes beyond this and allows users technical support and indemnification. HFlame thus transformers Hadoop into the fastest data analytics and processing infrastructure, helping Hadoop look leaner, simpler with the ability to deliver the best ROI.

Customer's existing investment in Hadoop infrastructure and technology can be effectively used by HFlame , which runs on top of customer's existing Hadoop installation, adding real time capabilities.

HFlame aims to become a one-stop for Hadoop as it provides answers to business problems that are either not possible with traditional Hadoop and even those that require investments in alternative, complex technologies

Cubeware, which provides business intelligence software and service solutions, announced Bistro (Business Intelligence Application Store Rosenheim,) an application store for business intelligence solutions, which promises to transform the way BI applications are sold, deployed, maintained and operated. Bistro is built on the Apache Hadoop Open Source (News - Alert) framework to provide the scale and capacity to ensure that all applications, files and repositories can scale to handle surging data volumes.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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