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October 22, 2012

Shapeways Building New 3D Printing Plant in Queens, New York

3D Printing is taking off all over the world and is meeting requirements that are growing all the time. The newest technology has actually put a bit of a crimp in manufacturing as the tech continues to become more impressive and companies can reproduce a ton of different materials. Shapeways a company specializing in 3D Printing and they have just opened a new shop in the heart of New York. This new facility, being located in Long Island, Queens is being dubbed by the company as the “factory of the future.”

This new facility will be 25,000 square feet and will bring about 50 new manufacturing level jobs and will be the largest consumer-facing 3D printing plant in the world. The company says that they expect the plant to produce as many as five million customized products per year when it is up and running. The company is set to open this facility in January.

3D Printing is gaining some serious ground as being a consumer technology when just a few years ago it was something that only commercial companies could see any real use for the tech. Just last month, another company that specializes in 3D printers, Marketbot opened a store so that they could sell those printers to customers who are looking for something that is completely different from what they have seen before. 

The factory will be able to not only help people who are looking for 3D printing technology, but the state of New York as well. Shapeways says that they will be able to invest as much as $28 million in purchasing, renovating and equipping their new factory. 

"Not only will it house 30 to 50 high-definition, industrial-sized 3D printers, but it will also be a hub of innovation, research and development and continuous community exploration," Kegan Fisher, Shapeways' director of industrial engineering, wrote in the company blog on Thursday.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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