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October 19, 2012

Altior Unveils AltraSTAR, Hadoop Storage Accelerator and Optimizer

Altior released AltraSTAR, Hadoop Storage Accelerator and Optimizer that is based on the company’s Altraflex HW acceleration platform and CeDeFS Filter Layer software.

Officials said that the AltraSTAR is capable of reducing Map/Reduce job execution time, besides augmenting Data Node storage capacity by six times and enabling efficient I/O performance.

“Data optimization provides benefits to Hadoop users that go well beyond simple data compression” said Ramana Jampala, Altior CEO. “With greater storage capacity larger jobs can be run on fewer nodes. Furthermore, since AltraSTAR accelerates I/O, jobs will run faster while consuming less power.”

Altior’s Hadoop Acceleration Platform increases processing power and analytics density in a given rack delivering high data analytics density per square foot of any Hadoop cluster. The Data Analytics process is enhanced as most Hadoop Jobs are Disk IO bound which is increased by the AltraSTAR solution. This in turn reduces Job Execution time and hence faster Data Analytics, explained officials.

Also capital expenditure concerning storage requirements is reduced significantly by the Data Nodes bringing down initial system cost. The reduction by 50 percent in storage disks by nodes enables the Altior’s Hadoop Acceleration solution to increase the Nodes MTBF considering a fixed Storage.

The other advantages are lower power consumption made possible by Altior’s FPGA based HW Acceleration. This reduces power consumption by 90 percent compared to other CPU based solutions. Since moving parts are reduced considerably reliability is also improved.

Hadoop jobs process huge volumes of data which is usually compressible and consists of text files, server logs, and click streams.  Maximum data must be loaded into the Hadoop data nodes to enable efficient processing. Altior’s CeDeFS data compression optimizes usage of available storage on the Data Nodes.

As data is compressed on disk, it can be delivered more quickly to I/O bound processing tasks making Map/Reduce faster with less execution times making the system efficient.

Recently Altior also announced the availability of CeDeFS, Data Optimization software product for Linux Operating Systems. CeDeFS provides the ability for all Linux applications to transparently realize the benefits of software compression including reduced storage requirement, enhanced disk IOPs, and application acceleration.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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