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October 18, 2012

MCCI Assists ASMedia's Host Controller in Achieving USB-IF Certification

ASMedia’s ASM1042 USB 3.0 host controller, compatible with xHCI 1.0, has accomplished USB-IF SuperSpeed logo certification by advantageously utilizing MCCI’s USB 3.0 host system software stack for Windows and onsite assistance.

With the latest certification, xHCI 1.0 host controller is added to ASMedia’s current portfolio of USB-IF certified USB controllers using MCCI’s software.

The xHCI 0.96 specification was used to develop the initial generation of USB 3.0 host controllers. Subsequently, the enhanced xHCI 1.0 was used, resulting in better compatibility with historical devices.

As the enhancements affected the hardware and system software, it was imperative to retest the latest versions.

Host controllers and their connected software stacks need to demonstrate compatibility with a comprehensive assortment of vigilantly chosen devices and their related drivers and applications in order to achieve xHCI certification.

Apart from an easy showcase of performance, testing consists of operation along with other devices and stable performance. This capability needs to be showcased while carrying out several Windows suspend, hibernate and reboot methods.

In a statement, Terry Moore, CEO at MCCI said, “It’s impossible to verify the correct function of an embedded stack without a strategy that involves deploying the embedded stack in mass production into the Windows ecosystem. MCCI is the only software vendor who has succeeded in delivering a Windows stack, and the only embedded software vendor with a tested stack that can be deployed anywhere. MCCI’s USB stack for Windows works with more host controllers than any other independent host stack.”

MCCI offered its USB host stack, completely compatible with the Microsoft (News - Alert) native USB host stack, in order to fulfill the software necessities of the test. MCCI, in association with ASMedia, carried out the authentication and testing procedures at the USB-IF Super-Speed Platform Interoperability Lab in Oregon. 

MCCI engineers also offered onsite assistance to ASMedia.

“Our Windows stack is based on our embedded USB host stack, with specific adaptation layers at the upper and lower edges for Windows,” Moore said. “Because TrueTask USB is based on the same core technology without source code changes, the testing and verification done on MCCI’s USB core driver, hub drivers and xHCI low-level driver are directly applicable to any embedded system.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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