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October 15, 2012

Could Metacloud be the Invincible David Among the Goliaths in OpenStack Platform Development?

Different software platforms capable of transforming data centers into an Amazon-style cloud exist, but none of them are getting attention of late like OpenStack. The platform originates from NASA, initiated with the help from Anso Labs.

The project has, however, grown to supersede two big names in the industry. Currently, many companies are contributing to the growth of the project while trying to make money from the venture at the same time.

Big names in the project include Nebula and Rackspace, cofounder of the project with NASA, and major IT companies like Red Hat (News - Alert) and HP.

With so many established firms already in the fray, it sounds suicidal for a startup corporation like Metacloud to join the bandwagon. The company announced that it has collected enough funds from venture capital firm, Storm Partners, and its Yahoo cofounder and former CEO, Jerry Yang’s (News - Alert) AME Cloud Ventures, to take a shot at investing in OpenStack.

Contrary to public opinion, Metacloud founders are confident that the company has what it takes to manipulate OpenStack and emerge with the best amid the competition. Cofounder and CTO, Sean Lynch, believes the fact that Metacloud helps build a managed private cloud to simulate Amazon’s public cloud solutions is what makes it particularly appealing.

Metacloud’s idea of not only providing private clouds, but also managing them, is a direct hit to the biggest of Amazon public clouds’ selling point.

Other features that might be strong points for company solutions is that it builds its clouds with a custom distribution of OpenStack with exclusive features for automatic deployment, scaling and fail over.

In Lynch’s opinion, this infrastructure will allow Metacloud to deliver public cloud standards to customers without even having to move customer servers from their backyards.

The one-year-old Metacloud is the brainchild of Lynch and CEO, Steve Curry. Curry managed storage for Yahoo while Lynch dealt with IT operations at Ticketmaster. Before departing from Ticketmaster, Lynch worked on Spine, an open source framework for managing Red Hat Linux Systems in bulk.

Metacloud is integrating this system into its solution presentation to OpenStack.

With all the competition, the two founders are full of hopes that their “child” will not be the grass to suffer, as the giants battle for dominion in OpenStack. Lynch draws solace from his idea that goes; “You can’t just setup a cloud for someone and disappear. To make it work, you have to be there every day running the cloud.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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