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October 03, 2012

EXASOL, xplosion Interactive Hailed by IDG's Computerwoche

Big data is big business these days and companies that have the ability to mine, analyze and intelligently process the humungous amount of polystructured data from various sources are the ones that will nudge their way to the top.

And, this is exactly what happened to Exasol and xplosion interactive. They claimed the third position at IDG’s Computerwoche Big Data Award 2012 for the project “Hadoop dynamics for retargeting with EXASolution.”

“The challenge in the era of big data is in making data in various and even unknown structures usable for analysis,” said Steffen Weissbarth, CEO at EXASOL AG.

The intelligent retargeting mix developed by xplosion interactive helps unite brand applicability with user-sensitivity, while EXASOL AG offers a high-speed, high-performance database in the B2B area for business intelligence applications.

And, the combination of the in-memory database and handmade retargeting is very useful for advertisers, e-commerce operators and online retailers, as online advertising can be used in a more targeted and cost-effective way.

xplosion’s customers can improve their retargeting campaigns, significantly increase turnover and generally redesign their e-business to make it more successful.

For data to be useful, it needs to be structured. However, all data is never that way and this is where the EXA Solution came in useful. The solution is based on in-memory technology, which was designed specifically for data warehouse applications and business intelligence solutions.

All unstructured data is converted to a structured form so that it can be analyzed and the dynamic metadata simplifies this complex process to a great extent. EXASolution allows very large volumes of data to be analyzed and evaluated in the shortest space of time.

As the polystructured data is connected to the Hadoop framework, all data that reflects the current behavior of the website users can be combined and analyzed with data from the user's purchasing profile history.

“With xplosion interactive we have managed to develop a dynamically scalable solution that evaluates polystructured data from various sources in real time,” added Weissbarth.

Exasol and xplosion Interactive appear to have adopted a rather scientific and unique approach to the rather challenging task of mining and analyzing polystructured data, and perhaps rightly deserve a place in IDG’s Computerwoche Big Data Award 2012.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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