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September 17, 2012

Will Host Color's New Management Service Find Favor with SMBs?

Online business management can be a tricky affair. You need time, the technical ability to make sense of HTML code, FTP, control panels and management apps and the patience and knowledge to fix things so that you have a dynamic website.

And, how easy is that? Given that small business owners and individuals rarely have all these skills or the time to deal with technicalities, the task is rather painstaking. However, Host Color appears to have a quick fix with its new management service called FMSA which promises to mitigate businesses' woes to a large extent.

The new FMSA service offers installation of open source software applications, security and account maintenance, troubleshooting and bug fixes, activation of new services and software applications that are a part of open stack that works in cPanel/WHM server environment, said company officials.

This gives individuals and small-business owners, who have a limited technical knowledge, an opportunity to outsource the management of their websites and software applications to Host Color.

Martin Andreev, vice president, operations at Host Color, noted that many companies didn't have the time to deal with the technical side of businesses and also needed to outsource the website management to someone who they can really trust.

In keeping with its nomenclature, Host Color has been managing websites and Web hosting environments for more than 12 years and claims to be well positioned to offer its expertise and management services to SMBs.

On a couple of grounds at least, this is a huge plus for companies. Primarily they can utilize their time better with doing what they do best by entrusting their websites to the care of Host color, rest assured that online business management and website maintenance is in good hands.

In spite of new automation technologies flooding the market, improving the way websites are managed, hosting accounts and online content in general still require significant effort and investment of time, both of which are scarce commodities.

What also appears to work in Host Color's favor is its newly introduced virtual dedicated servers based on kernel -based virtual machine technology. And, its promotional campaign on 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth ports also extend to these dedicated servers.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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