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September 12, 2012

Astute Networks' ViSX Accelerates I/O-Intensive Virtualized Applications

The Taneja Group report, "Accelerating I/O-Intensive Virtualized Applications," has included the ViSX G4 Flash VM storage appliance from Astute Networks. The I/O performance restrictions encountered in nearly all virtual environments have been defined by the report. The report also highlights the quickening of virtualized application performance by ViSX.

According to the report, ViSX assists in augmenting VM density and considerably increasing the number of VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure users.

"Key to the ready adoption of the Astute's ViSX VM storage appliances is that it drops seamlessly into an existing virtual infrastructure. ViSX is a non-disruptive, high-performance flash solution that avoids forklift upgrades, ripping and replacing, or otherwise re-architecting production environments,” according to analysts at Taneja Group. “Astute has deliberately aimed at Networked Flash as the most cost-effective way to leverage flash technology because it puts the technology in the right place – on the network – to be most effectively shared by all VMs across all hosts while preserving current data protection and storage management practices.”

“With a focus on tight hypervisor integration, purpose-built ViSX solves the virtual I/O performance constraint in a matter of minutes with almost no impact on the virtual server administrator."

According to the report, several flash offerings cannot compete with the affordable I/O performance of ViSX G4, mainly due to features like customized DataPump Engine and high-performance de-dupe.

ViSX G4 has a clear and instantaneous ROI validation as its offers advantages like augmented entire VM density, enhanced performance for all I/O controlled VMs and easy implementation.

"We set out day one to fully leverage our patented technology into a family of purpose-built appliances that eliminate known problems and pain points experienced by a majority of organizations that have virtualized their infrastructure,” said Steve Topper, CEO at Astute. “Be it added performance for virtualized servers and applications, or removing the performance and cost obstacles holding back wide deployment of VDI, we are pleased that the Taneja Group report acknowledges that ViSX has succeeded in its intended purpose."

The assortment of mixed results for flash "optimizations," like flash in the server, flash in the storage array, and flash in the network have been analyzed in the report. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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