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September 11, 2012

Cyber Innovation Labs and NEC Corporation of America Unveil 'Cloud in a Vault' Solution

At times it seems almost impossible to hear meaningful voices in the marketplace. Everyone has access to the massive megaphone called the Internet. As a result of the constant high volume, sometimes truly unique occurrences get drowned out. 

In no industry sector is this truer than in the area of “E”verything related to the cloud. 

As an antidote to possibly missing something that I think is big news I would like to draw your attention to what has transpired at the Cloud Connect Conference now underway in Chicago. It is there that Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), an enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, andNEC Corporation of America have unveiled their “Cloud in a Vault” solution.

This represents a potential game-changer when thinking about how to make the move to the cloud if you are a major enterprise evaluating your options.  

It is always interesting to test when the words “paradigm shift” are used to describe new capabilities. However, “Cloud in a Vault” appears to fit the bill. The solution, for the first time is a holistic approach to the provisioning of turnkey solutions for enterprises looking to move to the cloud but have had concerns about the performance and security of multi-tenant offerings.

The solutions hits all of the requirements for a comprehensive IaaS solution — data center hardware and software, high-performance data networking, and security.   It brings together:

  • Cyber Innovation Lab’s 2N Tier 3+ SSAE 16 certified data center facilities
  • NEC’s (News - Alert) proven Software Defined Networking (SDN) product family, the award-winning ProgrammableFlow networking and Nblock™ infrastructure
  • Halock Security Labs’ innovative security solutions

A quick elaboration on the NEC elements is useful. Their ProgrammableFlow network suite was the first commercially available SDN solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol enabling complete network virtualization, allowing customers to easily deploy, control, monitor and manage a multi-tenant network infrastructure.

Nblock is the company’s comprehensive, full-suite IT and networking platform solution that provides integrated infrastructure.

A tested solution

When collaborators say this is industrial strength and commercially ready, they mean it. The announcement comes after nine months of rigorous infrastructure testing and multiple successful full-scale global deployments of the Cloud in a Vault solution. It has been validated as providing an on-demand infrastructure solution that transforms the modern-day data center of major enterprises into a 100% dedicated, ultra-secure and compliant Cloud as a Service (CaaS) platform. What it means is that companies can deploy an OpEx model-based infrastructure that is completely self-contained and scalable. It comes with the first retractable “cloud on wheels” service guarantee.

In explaining the value of “Cloud in a Vault,” Mike Mitsch, VP Enterprise Technology Unit / IT Group for NEC Corporation of America stated:  “Cloud in a Vault delivers the first completely supported and transportable solution all-inclusive of the data center infrastructure to the hardware, software and applications that run through it…NEC’s proven and flexible Nblock technology stack incorporates industry standard, OpenFlow-based SDN technology, coupled with Cyber Innovation Lab’s ultra-reliable data center facilities and Halock’s security solutions. As a result, Cloud in a Vault meets the demands of the most discerning companies in the financial, healthcare, legal, government and educational verticals – and beyond.”

“There hasn’t been one solution that can meet the holistic needs of today’s enterprise marketplace through one provider - until today,” commented Jack Pressman, Managing Director of Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC. “Cloud in a Vault is a proven solution that has already been successfully deployed across several organizations within the financial, healthcare and legal verticals. Its capabilities are highly flexible and attractive to any enterprise that values security, scalability, reliability and control.”

Each part of the solution contributes to why this is something IT asset managers in major enterprises should consider. Key obstacles to accelerating IaaS adoption by large enterprises has been tricky compliance and security issues surrounding using the cloud, particularly a multi-tenant offer.

IT asset managers understand the value proposition of the cloud in terms of cost reduction, extensibility, scalability and the desirability of “pay as go” and “pay as you grow.” However, at the end of the day adoption is also as much about peace of mind (accountability) and hence control as it is about cost reduction and an mitigating CapEx sticker shocks. This is especially true as the nature of networking and associated requirements for data storage and information interchange have become complex and very fast moving targets. In fact, the notion of a “vault” is certainly apropos for this solution.   

It is not that often paradigm shifts look to be in the offing. This is one of those instances where the while time will tell, there is a preponderance of practical experience that says attention should be paid.    

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Edited by Braden Becker

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