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July 17, 2012

Nexenta Provides Network Storage at a Fraction of the Price

In any business, it’s always best to have an advantage over your competitors, whether that advantage is having the best product or the best marketing or the best pricing, it helps to have an edge. And when your prices are 30-50 percent of your competitors, that can give any company a huge leg up on the competition. Such is the case with Nexenta, a company that wishes to provide “enterprise class storage for everyone.”

Recently, Bill Roth, vice president of marketing at Nexenta, sat down for an exclusive interview with TMC (News - Alert), explaining what his company’s secret sauce is and how that business model has resulted in recet rapid growth.

One key, Roth said, was the open source nature of Nexenta’s software-based solutions. Because the open-source solution runs on commodity hardware, the company can offer its solutions for considerably less than its major competitors. This low cost model has allowed the company to double its business in the past year, and Roth expects a 300-400 percent increase in the coming 12 months.

The company’s founders focused on open-source solutions from the very beginning, and Nexenta been a leader in the open-source community since its inception. Its recent success has allowed the company to expand internationally, especially in Asia, where Nexenta solutions power the largest cloud on the continent. The company is also experiencing slow and steady growth in North America and Europe as well, partly because of Nexenta’s freemium model, offering18 terabytes of storage for free with competitive pricing after that.

The solutions are infinitely scalable, and have attracted quite a bit of attention, as Nexenta recently raised $21 million in C round funding and has hired many new executives with operational experience. The company recently partnered with Intel (News - Alert), helping assure its software was ready leading up to its most recent release.

Roth sees several trends in the near future. He acknowledges that compliance is one of the biggest concerns for companies looking to use cloud storage, citing HIPAA as one of the most complex set of regulations to follow. He also sees a future in the private or “build your own” cloud space and virtual desktop infrastructure. Nexenta has done a lot of work in that space, cutting down on the time necessary for deployment creating an “easy button” that can take a two-week task and shrink it down to a matter of hours.

It’s been an exciting year for Nexenta and, going forward, the company looks to have new solutions available this year and new deployments every day. It’s going a long way toward making that slogan, “enterprise storage for everyone,” a reality.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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