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March 29, 2011

Logility Announces the Latest Release of Logility Voyager Solutions

Logility has announced the availability of the latest version of Logility (News - Alert) Voyager Solutions at its annual customer conference.

Logility Voyager Solutions is a suite of collaborative, best-of-breed supply chain solutions that help small, medium, large and Fortune 1000 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Logility Voyager Solutions help performance-driven enterprises seize ways to leave competitors behind.

Logility Voyager Solutions provides robust support for a dynamic, interactive S&OP process through greater visibility. Based on the specific needs of the company, department or individual, information is managed and analyzed with S&OP templates and is reflective of operations around the company to ensure a single comprehensive version of the truth. The enhanced multi-tier vendor minimum capabilities allow companies to plan at higher levels.

“As more companies seek to decrease costs and leverage global supplier and manufacturing partners, the task of managing the supply chain grows exponentially more complex,” said Mike Edenfield, president and CEO of Logility. “In order to keep pace and achieve needed visibility, companies are seeking the comprehensive supply chain solutions in our product portfolio to manage the complexity, reduce costs, optimize production, and collaborate in real-time.”

Now, companies can efficiently manage and adhere to the business rules they have established with suppliers. By synchronizing purchase orders with a supplier’s production capacity, this drives improved productivity. Companies are able to optimally satisfy orders and meet agreed upon service level targets through Logility Voyager Solutions’ enhanced substitution logic. Also, to drive greater control, it offers improved role-based workflow capabilities including constraint-based order release and master data management

In January 2008, the company announced that Verizon Wireless (News - Alert) has selected Logility Voyager Solutions to strengthen its supply chain by improving inventory, demand, and sales and operations planning. Logility is a provider of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain. That gave Verizon Wireless a more demand-driven supply network, as it synchronized forecasting, planning, and inventory management with the help of Logility Voyager Solutions, the company stated in a press release.

Raju Shanbhag is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Raju’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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