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February 21, 2013

Navigating the Age of Interdependency: Why a New Approach to Application Performance Management is Needed

By TMCnet Special Guest
Pradeep Bhanot, Senior Product Marketing Manager for APM SaaS and Mobile Solutions at Compuware

Websites and Applications are Growing More Intertwined Every Day

Last summer, Facebook (News - Alert) suffered a period of sporadic outages. All around the Web, thousands of other sites with a Facebook “Like” button slowed to a crawl. About a month later, Amazon’s EC2 outage took several big sites offline and slowed down many others. In the fall, a technical malfunction at GoDaddy took down its website and millions more; while a Google (News - Alert) App Engine disruption affected thousands of customers around the world that use the platform-as-a-service.

A few short years ago, an outage on a prominent website would have resulted in only that single site being impacted. But because today’s modern applications call services from a variety of third-party providers, outages now cascade throughout the Internet and bring other applications and services down with them. The recent issues with Facebook, Amazon, GoDaddy and Google App Engine are just the latest examples of this growing interdependency and the downside that can result from integrating with third-party services for functionalities like advertising, social plug-ins, video, newsfeeds and many others. Compuware’s (News - Alert) latest research shows the typical U.S. website can have more than a dozen separate hosts contributing to a single transaction, and this interdependency will only continue to grow... Read More

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