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October 25, 2012

Apple's Fusion Drive Puts New Spin on Hybrid Hard Drives

The PC market for the last few years has enjoyed the addition of what are called "hybrid drives" as part of its standard hardware loadout. A mix of solid state and hard drive, hybrid drives provide a "best of both worlds" philosophy in which frequently-accessed files like OS files and boot files are stored in flash memory, accessed with much more speed than a hard drive can muster, but other files not so regularly accessed – video files, document files and the like – are kept in hard drive space.

Apple, meanwhile, recently decided to join in with their new Fusion Drive.

The Fusion Drive, said to be part of a partnership arrangement with Seagate (News - Alert) that comes with certain inherent tools for Mountain Lion, is much the same as a hybrid drive. Based on current reports, it seems almost indistinguishable from a standard hybrid drive, with a mix of solid state storage mixed in with standard hard drive platters to make a combination drive that offers both high-speed on the stuff that's most frequently accessed, and plenty of storage space in a package that would be much more expensive if it were all solid state storage... Read More

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