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TMCNet:  PowerSphyr Names Dr. Ron-Chi Kuo as Director of System Architecture

[September 13, 2017]

PowerSphyr Names Dr. Ron-Chi Kuo as Director of System Architecture

PowerSphyr, one of the world's most innovative providers of wireless power technology, today appointed Dr.�Ron-Chi Kuo as�Director of System Architecture.

Kuo,�who holds�a Ph.D.�from�the University of Florida,�will be responsible for accelerating the development of�innovative�electromagnetic designs�for wireless charging and power delivery.

While conducting research as a member of the�Radio Frequency Circuits & Systems Research (RFCSR) group�at�the�University of Florida, Kuo�published�multiple�articles in the field of�wireless�power delivery�and�received�IEEE (News - Alert) Wireless Power Transfer Conference awards in 2015 and 2016.�In addition to her academic research, she also engaged in application of her research through development of�in-vehile wireless charging�systems�for portable devices�and�3D wireless charging�systems which�enhance�freedom of�device�positioning�during her internship at MediaTek (News - Alert).

"Ron-Chi's�uniquely applicable�experience�in wireless�power,�and her�commitment to�the advancement of wireless charging�technologies�make her an�invaluable addition�to the�team�as we create�new�wireless power solutions for�various markets," said�PowerSphyr co-founder and�CEO,�David Meng.�"Her�knowledge�of�electromagnetic�field�design�and�flux�modeling,�coupled with�her�experience�in�developing charging and receiving systems,�will help us accelerate development of�products for a wide array of automotive, consumer, and healthcare applications."

About PowerSphyr

PowerSphyr Inc. is revolutionizing wireless power transfer with its first-to-market, multi-mode technology. PowerSphyr offers consumer products, as well as turnkey solutions to OEM device manufacturers. PowerSphyr's technology is optimized for seamless delivery of varying levels of wireless power to consumer electronics ranging from mobile devices and IoT to medical and industrial applications. PowerSphyr's solutions are universally compatible with the major wireless standards and satisfy regulatory compliance and safety requirements. For more information, visit

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