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TMCNet:  State and Federal Experts set to Discuss the Possibility of a More Severe ZIKV Outbreak This Summer

[March 14, 2017]

State and Federal Experts set to Discuss the Possibility of a More Severe ZIKV Outbreak This Summer

The 2nd International Zika Virus Conference and Workshop once again provides experts, leaders from all government levels (tribal, local, state, federal), and other health officials a venue where they could share the best practices and the latest researches about the Zika virus to delegates coming from different parts of the world. Priority will be placed on identifying the responsibilities of stakeholders in order to improve global communication coordination and collaboration. The ZIKV conference will be held at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel on March 29-30 followed by an all-day hands-on workshop on the 31st.

Speakers of the event include:

E. Oscar Alleyne, DrPH, MPH

Senior Advisor for Public Health Programs

National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

Dr. Lorrin Pang

Health Officer

Hawaii State Department of Health

Ms. Claudia Riegel


City of New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board

Dr. Gina Miranda-Diaz

Director Health Department & Health Officer

West New York Health Department

Phillip L. Goodman, B.S., MBA

District 2 Commissioner and Board Chair

Florida Keys Mosquito Control District

Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez


Livingston County Department of Health

Ms. Denise Bryan

Health Officer

District Health Department, North East Michigan

Ms. Melba Moore

Health Commissioner

St. Louis Department of Health

Ms. Beth Schweitzer

Health Commissioner

Seneca County General Health District

Mr. Zachary Thompson


Dallas County Health & Human Services

Dr. Sue Lynn Ledford

Division Director

Wake County Human Services Public Health

Dr. Nafissa Egbuonye

Public Health Director

Black Hawk County Health Department

Dr. Amaal Tokars

Public Health Administrator

Kendal County Health Department

Mr. Phil Maytubby


Oklahoma City County Health Department

Dr. Irshad Shaikh

Health Administrator

Montgomery County Health Department

Mr. Brian Prendergast

Mosquito Control Program Manager

Maryland Department of Agriculture

Mr. Matt Maurer


Coconino County Public Health Services District

Mr. Vincent Cantu

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District

Mr. Eric Howard


Oklahoma City County Health Department

Mr. Mark Colichio

Health Officer

Health Department, City of Elizabeth

Dr. William N. May


Johns Hopkins Zika Center

Dr. Jeffrey Flosi

Associate Professor of Biology and Microbiology Coordinator for the Biology/Microbiology

Department of Natural Sciences University of Houston-Downtown

Jay Karpin

Health Officer

Chevalier Legion of Honor France

Dr. Atif Nazir

Health Officer

Department of Health City of Plain Field, New Jersey

Poster Session to include: �

� �

Zika Virus Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in Miami-Dade County Tricia Caroline S. G. Hutchings, Ira M. Sheskin Ph.D., Douglas O. Fuller Ph.D., and Imelda K. Moise Ph.D., M.P.H.


For those interested in presenting their research papers or posters related to the Zika Virus, please contact:

Confirmed Speakers:

For an up-to-date list of confirmed speakers, please visit:

To register:

Call us at (703) 745-5412

For online registration, please visit:

For offline registration, a PDF form can be downloaded by visiting:

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