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TMCNet:  QA Systems Announces Cantata Version 7.2

[March 14, 2017]

QA Systems Announces Cantata Version 7.2

LONDON, March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading software quality company QA Systems today announced the upcoming release of the Cantata unit and integration testing tool for C and C++. The new version, which will be available in May 2017, features a new test case editor, interactive tutorials and major enhancements for the Cantata Team Reporting add-on.

The upcoming release of Cantata 7.2 was announced by QA Systems today. This release focuses on making Cantata even easier to use and introduces a new Test Case Editor. This works in sync with the existing Test Case Manager to provide an intuitive and graphical way to edit test cases. Other enhancements have been made to the Cantata Eclipse� user interface including a dedicated Cantata menu and toolbar action buttons. Interactive tutorials have also been added to uide users in use of the tool.

The Cantata Team Reporting add-on accompanying this release, also makes it easier for managers to gain actionable insights on testing status and configure reports. A web-based management dashboard has been added and displays customizable information about current testing status, historical data and trends over multiple codebases.

As with previous versions, Cantata 7.2 will be awarded compliance certification to the highest safety integrity levels for ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 61508 (industrial safety), IEC 62304 (medical devices), EN 50128 (railways), IEC 60880 (nuclear) from SGS T�V Saar soon after release.

"We know that customers love the powerful features and flexibility that Cantata offers, with 7.2 we wanted to make it easier for less experienced users to get full use out of the tool." stated Andreas Sczepansky, QA Systems CEO.

Cantata 7.2 is generally available from May 2017.

About Cantata

Cantata is a unit and integration software testing tool, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical C/C++ code on embedded target and host native platforms. Cantata is integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains, from cross-compilers to requirements management and continuous integration tools. The Eclipse GUI, tight tool integrations, highly automated C/C++ test cases generation, all make Cantata easy to use.

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