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TMCNet:  Peraso Launches 802.11ad Reference Design for Smartphone Applications

[February 17, 2017]

Peraso Launches 802.11ad Reference Design for Smartphone Applications

TORONTO, Feb. 17, 2017 /CNW/ --�Peraso Technologies, Inc., a leading vendor in Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) technology, introduced today the first mobile WiGig USB adapter reference design, utilizing their W120 phased array chipset.� The reference design is the world's first and only solution for smartphone vendors to add 802.11ad capability through a USB connector.� WiGig technology has a host of capabilities that make it unique in the wireless market, including multi-gigabit data rates, sub-frame video latency and low power usage.

"We're finding smartphone vendors are embracing WiGig for a range of exciting new applications," explains Ronald Glibbery, President and CEO of Peraso Technologies. "The W120-based reference design allows our customers to simply and rapidly get their applications to market in advance of directly embedding WiGig into their phones."

The reference design enables a series of WiGig applications paired ideally with the smartphone market, including:

Rapid Sideloading � Using WiGig technology, an HD movie can be downloaded in under 10 seconds. This allows users to almost instantaneously download a variety of content to their device.

Mobile VR - WiGig provides a wireless, private and secure connection between a smartphone VR headset and a remote device such as a laptop or tablet. This allows users to access significantly more content that can be stored on a smartphone, while utilizing the superior GPU horsepower of the remote system.

Remote Content Upload - Users can upload content immediately to their social media platform, which requires rapidly transferring the content to their smartphone device. As the market transitions to 4k video, WiGig overcomes onerous ad time consuming file transfers associated with traditional methods such a Bluetooth or wired USB.

4K Wireless Video � The high data rates and excellent power efficiency provided by 802.11ad makes WiGig an ideal technology for streaming 4K video.

Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi� Networking � WiGig offers mobile users a fresh, uncongested wireless band for smooth, uninterrupted access to the Internet.

The Peraso mobile WiGig USB solution will be available in a variety of configurations to address different smartphone connectors. Based on the recently announced W120 phased array chipset, the reference design collateral package will include the software driver and application software necessary to support a complete go-to-market implementation.

"By having an 802.11ad reference module that allows for after market installation, Peraso is making many of the applications of WiGig like rapid file transfers and content pre-loading a reality for devices that may have not shipped with 802.11ad built-in," explains Anshel Sag, Associate Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. "Peraso is the only company in the world currently offering an 802.11ad accessory solution, and one of the few Wi-Fi Alliance certified chipsets available on the market. �Peraso's 802.11ad reference design helps to accelerate the pace of WiGig innovation while offering a Wi-Fi Alliance certified solution to virtually any OEM looking for an 802.11ad solution."

In October 2016, Peraso was named one of three silicon vendors to meet Wi-Fi WiGig compliance certification, along with Qualcomm and Intel. Peraso solutions are natively included in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig compliance test bed, which ensures that all equipment undergoing certification must be compliant with Peraso silicon.

Peraso's WiGig chipsets and solutions will be on display at Mobile World Congress 2017 - February 27th - March 2nd.� To arrange a private demonstration, please contact:

About Peraso Technologies, Inc.

Peraso is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is focused on the development of 60 GHz chip sets and solutions compliant with the IEEE 802.11ad specification. 60 GHz has been adopted for interoperability certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance under the WiGig brand, and WiGig has seen strong industry endorsement by tech giants such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Intel. For more information, visit

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