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TMCNet:  Timeful, Intelligent Time Manager for iPhone and iPod touch Brings Flexibility And Smarts To Time Management

[July 31, 2014]

Timeful, Intelligent Time Manager for iPhone and iPod touch Brings Flexibility And Smarts To Time Management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Timeful, a technology company with a singular focus - helping�people make good use of their�most precious resource, time - today announced the launch of the Timeful App for iPhone (News - Alert) and iPod touch. Timeful�enables users to easily organize all important items that vie for�their time in one place, and�automatically optimizes their schedule to ensure tasks are getting done. It achieves this by seamlessly�merging the concepts of a calendar and a to-do list, and turbocharging them with intelligent algorithms.�Available for iPhone and�iPod touch, Timeful is compatible with existing calendar services including�Apple (News - Alert) iCal, Google Calendar, Exchange and many others.

Underlying the application are two technical innovations. The scheduling suggestions are based on the�Intention Rank, an algorithm�that uses machine learning and behavioral science to rank potential�activities within time slots. Intention rank in turn relies on the�Intention Genome, a unique data model�that breaks down intentions to their very basic components, thus capturing the full gamut of�human�activity, from meetings to errands to family and social commitments to more amorphous personal�aspirations regarding one's�well-being. When embodied in a tastefully-designed mobile application, the�result is a "GPS for time" that not only makes our daily�lives more productive, but also more enjoyable.

"We've successfully applied technology to improve our lives in many domains - search, finance, music,�shopping, you name it. And yet�we haven't applied it to optimize the use of our most scarce resource -�time - and there's so much algorithms and behavioral science�have to offer," said Jacob Bank, CEO and�co-founder of Timeful. "Our first application is based on the simple observation that what�doesn't make�it onto your schedule is less likely to get done. By making it easier to put everything that vies for your�time onto your�schedule, includin automatically suggesting good times to do things, we hope to make�you more productive and less stressed."

The Timeful App has two key features:

  • Flexible intention representation:�Users can organize everything that vies for their time,�including events, meetings, daily to-dos and long-term good habits - in a single app.
  • Smart scheduling suggestions:�Using optimization algorithms and behavioral science, Timeful�suggests time slots for to-dos and�good habits based on available time and location. By simply�specifying a timeframe for completing a task,�Timeful will find time on the user's schedule to�ensure it gets done.

Timeful was founded by three experts in artificial intelligence and behavioral science - Jacob Bank,�Stanford PhD candidate who has�applied data mining, machine learning and optimization algorithms to�time management; Yoav Shoham, Professor of Computer�Science at Stanford University well known for�his AI research and previously co-founder of TradingDynamics (ARBA) and Katango�(GOOG); and�renowned researcher and author Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke�University, an�expert in human fallibility and short-term thinking.

In May 2014, Timeful raised nearly $7M in a Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures, with�participation by Kleiner Perkins�Caufield & Byers, Greylock, Data Collective, Pitango, and Ashton�Kutcher's A-Grade Investments, among others.

The Timeful App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at�

To learn more about Timeful, the Intention Genome and the Intention Rank algorithm, please visit�

About Timeful

Timeful is a technology company with a singular focus - helping people make good use of their most�precious resource, time. Timeful's�iOS app is the company's first product and debuted in the App Store�in July 2014. The Timeful app helps users place the all-important�items that vie for their time in one�place, their schedule, and helps optimize that schedule using two technology breakthroughs --�Intention�Genome and Intention Rank. Through the collaboration of some of the leading minds in artificial�intelligence, big data,�behavioral science and product design, Timeful is helping people take back their�lives by making time for what really matters. The�company, based in Mountain View, CA (News - Alert), is founded by�Jacob Bank, Stanford PhD candidate who's applying data mining, machine�learning and optimization�algorithms to time management; Yoav Shoham, Stanford AI professor and Silicon Valley veteran whose�past�companies include TradingDynamics and Katango; and Dan Ariely, New York Times best-selling�author and one of the leading experts in�human fallibility and short-term thinking. To learn more about�Timeful, visit��or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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