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TMCNet:  CharisMac Engineering Introduces LightValet, the World's First Self-Learning Lighting & Energy Management Controller

[July 15, 2014]

CharisMac Engineering Introduces LightValet, the World's First Self-Learning Lighting & Energy Management Controller

AUBURN, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

CharisMac, a 30-year-old leading software technology innovator today announced the creation of LightValet™ adaptive control. LightValet learns and then programs itself based on day-to-day actions.

"It was very obvious to the executive staff at CharisMac that our team could make an impact in the intelligent lighting control internet of things," said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of the 30 year-old Corporation. "As the storage software sector of the computer industry continues to consolidate we began looking at interesting growth areas where our expertise and skill set could have a positive global impact. The dimmable lighting and energy savings sector was the absolute perfect choice for us. CharisMac will take advantage of our 3 decades f writing world-class software and do our part to help users save money and energy."

LightValet Highlights:

  • Simple Set Up - Simply plug in Ethernet connection to controller and set IP# for instant access over the Internet via iPad and iPod. Attach Light Interface boards inline of power.
  • Energy Management - Energy usage is accurately measured and computer logged for analysis.
  • Stay Connected - Commissioning, programming, monitoring and energy usage stats can be accessed over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Self-Learning - Set the auto button and LightValet will learn from motion events and auto fill in timers and other critical energy saving data.

LightValet works seamlessly on any type of light fixture. The simplicity of setup and adaptive learning make possibilities for all applications virtually unlimited to designers and architects. The extreme energy and maintenance cost reductions make integrating LightValet the best decision in the marketplace bar none.

About CharisMac

CharisMac Incorporated, founded in 1985 is a privately held California corporation. CharisMac develops and distributes a wide variety of software and lighting control products worldwide under the CharisMac brand. For more information, visit

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