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TMCNet:  ATEK Access Technologies Offers Best-in-Class Customer Service with New ATEK Service Platform

[July 07, 2014]

ATEK Access Technologies Offers Best-in-Class Customer Service with New ATEK Service Platform

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. --(Business Wire)--

ATEK Access Technologies today launched the ATEK Service Platform, an industry-leading system that allows ATEK technical support personnel to remotely monitor the health of TankScan TSM8000 wireless tank monitoring sensors in the field and provide proactive customer service.

The TankScan TSM8000 is a wireless tank level monitoring solution that provides remote access to liquid tank data from anywhere an Ethernet or cellular connection is available. The new ATEK Service Platform allows ATEK Access Technologies to monitor TSM8000 system health remotely, including parameters such as battery life, uptime and cellular data usage, and take corrective measures when necessary to ensure an uninterrupted data stream.

"When you have large groups of tanks to watch over, managing the tank monitoring devices in the field can impact resourcs," said Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK Access Technologies. "With the ATEK Service Platform, we take that burden away. Customers can now enjoy peace of mind that their TankScan TSM8000 monitors are online and operating at the best possible level, allowing them to focus on using the tank intelligence to improve their business processes."

Using the ATEK Service Platform, ATEK technical support personnel monitor a dashboard within (News - Alert) that provides alerts when any device does something outside of a set of pre-defined parameters. ATEK technical support personnel can then easily generate a case within and proactively follow-up with customers about their cellular data usage or ship them a new battery, for example.

The TSM8000 liquid tank monitor is ideal for fuel distributors, waste oil collectors and others managing liquid assets. It provides the tools necessary to accurately monitor fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, from the convenience of any computer via the TankScan Global Internet portal.

For more information about TankScan, visit

About ATEK Access Technologies

ATEK Access Technologies, LLC is part of the ATEK Companies group of technology and manufacturing businesses. Its industry-leading brands use the power of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies to provide customers access to superior efficiencies and savings, essential data and systems, improved safety and control, and expert solutions and support. Its brands include Datakey, Larco and TankScan. For more information, visit

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