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TMCNet:  Spoon Introduces Online Tool for Configuring and Deploying Custom Web Browsers

[March 03, 2014]

Spoon Introduces Online Tool for Configuring and Deploying Custom Web Browsers

SEATTLE --(Business Wire)--

Spoon, a leading developer of application virtualization technology, today announced the immediate availability of Browser Studio™, a web application that configures and runs custom versions of popular web browsers. Beginning with any version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, the user selects runtimes such as Java, Flash, and Silverlight, extensions such as Selenium and NoScript, and other configuration settings such as the homepage. Browser Studio then automatically downloads and configures the browser, runtimes, and plugins, and launches it in an isolated virtual environment.

Browser Studio is available immediately at

Because browsers run in the Spoon virtual environment, they can be used on any underlying Windows operating system, including Windows 8.1. By embedding runtime dependencies into th virtual browser, web applications can be used without the hassles and security issues associated with installing Java or Flash on the desktop. An optional redirection tool automatically launches an appropriate browser when the user enters a given URL.

"App virtualization is a powerful tool that assures continuity through OS upgrades, simplifies application deployment, and eliminates many desktop security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, the difficulty of virtualizing applications has traditionally been a major barrier to adoption," said Kenji Obata, Spoon's chief executive officer. "Browser Studio is the first tool to bring the power of this technology to a broad audience by hiding the complexity of the virtualization process behind an intuitive, easy-to-use interface."

Developers can use Browser Studio to build customized browser test environments. IT managers can then deploy these pre-configured browser environments directly to end users, regardless of the underlying operating system or runtimes available on the desktop.

Browser Studio currently supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox; common runtimes such as Java, Flash, AIR, Silverlight, and the .NET (News - Alert) Framework; and dozens of popular plugins such as AdBlock, Selenium, and NoScript. Configuration options include a customizable homepage, browser name, icon, and description.

Browser Studio is free to try and costs $19 per user per month for unlimited use.


Spoon is a virtual computing platform that brings software and files to you instantly, anywhere. Spoon's patented technology streams and synchronizes applications and associated data to desktops and mobile devices over the web. Spoon is used by thousands of the world's leading organizations, tens of thousands of software developers, and millions of end users. Spoon is available as a web-based service and on-premise server, as well as through select partners and technology licensees.

Spoon is a registered trademark of Spoon, Inc. Browser Studio and Browser Sandbox are trademarks of Spoon, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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