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TMCNet:  Customer Loyalty Internet Shopping Malls Are Old News. Or Are They?

[February 27, 2014]

Customer Loyalty Internet Shopping Malls Are Old News. Or Are They?

BOCA RATON, Fla. --(Business Wire)--

Companies have been utilizing reward and loyalty programs for years with varying degrees of success. One such program, "merchant funded Internet rewards malls," is offered by a variety of companies. With internet and mobile sales increasing dramatically each year, 20.6% in 2013, these programs offer real value for customer acquisition, loyalty, continuity and retention.

The problem is that they are basically clones of each other and don't offer discernable differences. Shop WebTV has recently introduced its Loyalty Super Store with a multitude of unique functions and features. Most notably, this white labeled platform includes a back-end dash board that allows clients choose the Merchants they want on their program and to customize their private branded Mall with their own text, graphics and videos "on the fly" as many times a day as they wish.

The result is that Shop WebTV clients can pick and choose their own merchants and categories, graphics and ads, text, videos, linksand special functions they want to include. The Mall includes over 1000 National Merchants offering consumer cash rebates of up to 30% and discounts up to 60%. The platform also offers a browser add on notifying shopper of cash back merchants, multiple languages, viral social marketing tools and a mobile application.

The program offers a variety of reward redemption options. Every reward point equals a dollar and the redemption choices includes the option of loading to the client's own payment instrument.

Martin Berns, CEO of Shop WebTV added, "Most notably, this white labeled rewards platform includes the only back-end dashboard that allows Clients to easily customize their program with text, graphics and videos `on the fly.' Shop WebTV is the only company that offers this highly desired feature. Competitors charge high front end and ongoing fees for customization. Our platform offers a customization dashboard that allows clients to implement updates and changes immediately. Competitive programs make clients wait days or weeks for changes and then charge high fees for each of the updates. Additionally, the Shop WebTV platform can be launched in less than 2 weeks and is priced well below market."

The demonstration Mall can be seen at

The corporate site can be seen at

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