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TMCNet:  Load DynamiX Delivers the Industry's First 16G Fibre Channel Storage Workload Modeling and Performance Validation Appliance

[February 13, 2014]

Load DynamiX Delivers the Industry's First 16G Fibre Channel Storage Workload Modeling and Performance Validation Appliance

SANTA CLARA, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Load DynamiX, the leader in infrastructure performance validation, announced the release of the industry's first 16G Fibre Channel performance validation and load generation solution that tests the limits of today's most complex storage infrastructure and systems. The new Load DynamiX FC Series appliance offers up to eight ports of 16Gb Fibre Channel, that are also fully compatible with 8Gb and 4Gb connections in a 2RU form factor. The small footprint combined with superior performance make the Load DynamiX FC the most cost-effective performance validation solution in the industry.

The Load DynamiX FC Series helps storage engineers and QA teams accelerate the discovery and resolution of perormance problems, test scaling limitations, and validate their Fibre Channel-based storage products for faster time to market. IT organizations and cloud service providers can proactively use Load DynamiX to understand storage infrastructure limitations prior to deployment to eliminate the risk of performance-related outages, avoid overprovisioning and ensure SLA adherence.

By combining Load DynamiX Enterprise advanced workload modeling, extensive protocol support and high port density, Load DynamiX appliances deliver superior accuracy with incredible load generation capabilities. The unique combination provides unparalleled insight into application workload and storage system behavior. The Load DynamiX appliances are easy to deploy, and include pre-built test suites within the graphical user interface to improve testing productivity right out of the box. Multiple simultaneous users can run independent tests on any available test port and easily access the shared results.

"Both storage technology vendors and IT organizations with significant investments in Fibre Channel-based storage will find these new performance validation appliances indispensable," said Philippe Vincent, president and CEO of Load DynamiX. "We've raised the bar in Fibre Channel-based storage infrastructure validation while simultaneously increasing the affordability and usability of our advanced workload modeling and load generation solutions."

The Load DynamiX FC Series is orderable immediately.

About Load DynamiX

As the leader in infrastructure performance validation, Load DynamiX empowers storage professionals with the insight needed to make intelligent decisions regarding networked storage. By accurately characterizing and emulating real-world application behavior, Load DynamiX optimizes the overall performance, availability, and cost of storage infrastructure. The combination of advanced workload analytics and modeling software with extreme load-generating appliances gives IT professionals the ability to cost-effectively validate and stress today's most complex physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to its limits. Visit for more information.

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