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TMCNet:  Lancope CTO comments on huge Cloudflare hack

[February 11, 2014]

Lancope CTO comments on huge Cloudflare hack

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Hosting and security firm Cloudflare said it recorded what was the "biggest ever" attack of its kind on Monday. Commenting on this, Tim 'TK' Keanini, CTO at Lancope said: "This type of amplification attack is as old as the Internet itself and, as long as there is a protocol out there by which a single packet generates 10x (or greater) packets in return, we will have this type of problem. NTP, DNS, and a few other UDP (connectionless protocols) services have had vulnerable versions used in this type of DDoS. All of them patched and fixed but the problem is that people dont manage their services the way that they should. The fix has been available for a very long time and websites exist that freely test for these vulnerabilities but still the administrators of these servers are irresponsibly leaving them unpatched and are helping attackers do this type of damage. The Internet is like having a neighbour who likes to play with explosives in the apartment next door. The reason these attacks are getting larger is the simple fact that the pipes are getting larger. At these rates, you are limited by the capacity of some transit link to the victim. The bigger the pipes, the greater the volumetric attack. Next year I expect to see this at least double in terms of traffic/sec." .


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