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TMCNet:  Load DynamiX, Leading Performance Validation Vendor, Predicts Top Networked Storage Trends for 2014

[January 23, 2014]

Load DynamiX, Leading Performance Validation Vendor, Predicts Top Networked Storage Trends for 2014

SANTA CLARA, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Load DynamiX, the leader in infrastructure performance validation, is drawing on its industry expertise and unique vantage point of working closely with leading storage technology vendors, cloud service providers and leading IT organizations, to predict the top trends for the networked storage industry for 2014.

  • Evaluation and adoption of flash and hybrid storage technologies will be omnipresent in 2014. Every Fortune 1000, and likely 75% of the Fortune 1001-5000, will either evaluate or deploy flash storage in 2014. The performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages are very compelling for I/O-intensive applications.
  • The big challenge for 2014 will be determining which application workloads would benefit from flash on a cost/benefit basis. The fact that flash will speed up performance is obvious, but the question remains on just how much flash is needed and how will it improve the response imes for key applications. Is the 2X (News - Alert)-5X $ per GB premium over HDDs a worthy investment? The industry will turn to workload modeling solutions to help them answer this question.
  • 2014 will be the transition year where the majority of new applications will be deployed under an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) model. Performance and availability of the shared infrastructure will be assumed by the application owners and business unit general managers. The pressure to proactively ensure infrastructure performance will intensify. Products that can predict, not just react to, infrastructure behavior will start to become commonplace.
  • Software-defined storage will still be more of a vision as opposed to a reality for the overwhelming majority of Fortune 5000 companies. Storage is increasingly being commoditized, but the software defined storage (SDS) and open source storage products available on the market today are still maturing and, in many cases, have unproven support models. Business-critical applications will stay deployed on storage systems from vendors who have proven global support capabilities and that can verify the performance of their products before production deployment.
  • Object storage will showcase many large-scale deployments and become an accepted storage deployment methodology. For object storage to be successfully deployed more broadly within the enterprise, it will be critical for storage architects to understand the performance limits of object-based storage. These will need to be proven in test and development labs prior to production deployment.

"Load DynamiX is in a unique position as an innovation bellwether that requires us to be fully cognizant of oncoming industry transitions. We help our customers accurately prepare for necessary changes in their storage infrastructure," said Philippe Vincent, president and CEO of Load DynamiX. "Hybrid and flash technologies, along with IaaS, are major game changers on how global enterprises will roll out new SAN and NAS infrastructures. The only way to accurately determine the optimal technology investments that will properly support their application workloads will be to analyze and validate these new technologies prior to deployment using solutions such as Load DynamiX."

About Load DynamiX

As the leader in infrastructure performance validation, Load DynamiX empowers IT professionals with the insight needed to make intelligent decisions regarding networked storage. By accurately characterizing and emulating real-world application behavior, Load DynamiX optimizes the overall performance, availability, and cost of storage infrastructure. The combination of advanced workload analytics and performance validation software with extreme load-generating appliances give IT professionals the ability to cost-effectively stress today's most complex physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to its limits.

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