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TMCNet:  Ekinops launch of PM 10001/10010MP; 100G Transponder and 100G 12 Port Multi-rate, Multiprotocol Muxponder

[December 27, 2013]

Ekinops launch of PM 10001/10010MP; 100G Transponder and 100G 12 Port Multi-rate, Multiprotocol Muxponder

(ENP Newswire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) ENP Newswire - 27 December 2013 Release date- 24122013 - Ekinops has enhanced its 100G Product lines with the new version of the 100G Transponder and 100G Muxponder.

Adding to the 1RU 100G solution available since 2012, these new versions are compatible with Ekinops chassis already installed in the field. This offers much more flexibility for new or greenfield network deployments or upgrades of existing Ekinops systems.

The total capacity of the C600HC chassis can be tripled by moving from 10G to 100G products.

These new 100G modules are managed like any other module in an Ekinops chassis, without need for additional power supply or management interface.

The Ekinops 100G solution offers highly flexible multiplexing capability, and the 100G Muxponder is designed with 12 aggregation ports instead of the typical 10 ports offered by other manufacturers.

Because the 100G Muxponder utilize Ekinops' T-Chip (Transport on-a-Chip technology) with Ekinops' DynaMUX capability, it is not limited to aggregating only 10G services, as is the case with other manufacturers' solutions. Our 100G Muxponder is also able to aggregate 8GFC and 40GbE port with other 10G services.

Where it does not make sense to multiplex lower rate services directly on the 100G Muxponder, due to aggregation port limits, the Ekinops PM 1008MP flexible multiplexer can be plugged directly into ports on the 100G Muxponder, allowing for aggregation without an expensive fabric or another device.

Adding the PM C1008MP to the network allows aggregation of a mix of 1GbE, 1/2/4G Fibre Channel, STM-4/OC-12, and STM-16/OC-48 traffic, along with the traffic being aggregated by the other nine ports in the 100G Muxponder. The PM C1008MPLH multiplexer can be plugged into one or all of the muxponder ports on the PM 10001/10010 rack-mounted versions.

In addition, other Ekinops aggregation cards can be utilized to multiplex even lower rate services into the PM C1008MP, and these services are then multiplexed into the 100G service. Examples would be utilizing the PM 124FE to aggregate 10/100 services or the PM 1004V to aggregate and transport SD/HD-SDI video.

Applications The Ekinops 100G product offering can be utilized anywhere a service provider or enterprise is considering 100G, whether it is for single 100G services or for aggregation of lower rate services onto 100G.

The Ekinops solution can be utilized for both greenfield and existing deployments without the need to replace the line system already in place.

Management At the element level, the PM 10001/10010 can be managed through SNMP or via the Ekinops standard element level management interfaces, which include a CLI (Command Line Interface) and an Ekinops java-based GUI (Graphical User Interface). The CLI is accessible via SSH and Telnet remotely or via a local serial port locally on the Management board. Complete performance monitoring and management is provided, including laser shut off and local and remote loopback, which is useful for maintenance and fault isolation. Digital Diagnostics Management (DDM) is supported for SFP+ interfaces. This includes link status, transmit (TX) and receive (RX) signal power monitoring, and operational temperature, as well as manufacturer and transceiver model. A 10 Mbps in-band data communications channel (DCC) is embedded in the line side for remote management.

Key features & Benefits \Module is compatible with Ekinops chassis already installed in the field \Cost-optimized solution for 100G applications \Highly compact 100G solution: up to 6x100G in 7RU up to 3 terabits per rack \Total capacity per chassis is multiplied by 3 compared with 10G solutions \Utilizes Ekinops' DynaFEC for extended reach \Robust aggregation allows for multiplexing of services other than 10G directly on the muxponders \Flexible aggregation of a wide variety of services and rates when used with the PM C1008MP multiprotocol add/drop multiplexer Applications \Backhaul for Business Ethernet Services \Router Interconnect \Data Center Interconnect/Disaster Recovery \Backhaul for Triple or Quadruple Play \Wireless Backhaul \IP DLC/DSLAM (Access) Backhaul \Transport Infrastructure Ekinops provides its Customers with Comprehensive Technical Data for each Pluggable Module, including Applications & Specifications [Editorial queries for this story should be sent to] ((Comments on this story may be sent to (c) 2013 Electronic News Publishing -

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