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TMCNet:  MINALOGIC at CES 2014 Grenoble-based Minalogic Cluster Members to Present Innovative Micro- & Nanoelectronics and Software Solutions

[December 20, 2013]

MINALOGIC at CES 2014 Grenoble-based Minalogic Cluster Members to Present Innovative Micro- & Nanoelectronics and Software Solutions

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) 7 of Minalogic's start-up companies at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show will demonstrate the Rhne-Alpes region's strengths and the power of the collaborative innovation generated in Europe's Smart Valley.

Grenoble - Minalogic, the French global competitive cluster focusing on micro- & nanoelectronics and software, supports 7 of its start-up companies in attending the CES 2014 Edition: Alpwise, BeSpoon, Cyberio, ISKN, Kalray, Movea and Kolor.

BeSpoon, ISKN, Kalray and Kolor will exhibit on the French Pavilion of the Eureka Park area, Movea will have a booth in the South Hall, and Alpwise will demonstrate its innovation together with EM MicroElectronics in the South Hall.

Philippe Wieczorek, Head of the Minalogic's Software Group, will also come to Las Vegas to support these high-potential companies, highlight their innovations and strengthen their relationships with key worldwide leaders. He will promote the cluster's wealth of research-led innovation in intelligent miniaturized products and solutions for industry.

Minalogic, headquartered in Grenoble, a city that has been ranked by Forbes as the 5th most inventive in the world,the only French city listed in the Top 15, is one of the leading clusters in Europe in the field of micro- & nanoelectronics and software, federating 193 public and private organizations to foster collaborative innovation. The aim of Minalogic is to create a global business ecosystem in the field of smart, miniaturized solutions based on leadership in research and innovation and on the leading role of major groups supporting the growth of SMEs. To reach this objective and to increase open innovation, the cluster leverages synergies between micro- & nanoelectronics and software companies, labs and additional supportive entities in the Rhne-Alpes region.

In Las Vegas, as a key representative of the European Smart Valley, Minalogic will promote the electronics & software ecosystem.

- Grenoble is a major center for micro- & nanoelectronics with ~25,000 professionals from worldwide leaders as STMicroelectronics, Thales Electron Devices, Trixell, Tronics, Soitec, Sofradir, Mentor Graphics, Wind River/Intel, Advantest, etc., 5,000 researchers working for in public research, and 6,800 students in Electronics alone[1]. Grenoble's ecosystem includes all parts of electronics: microelectronics and microsystems, electronic design automation, equipment manufacturers, cleanroom manufacturers and service providers, with a diversified range of applications.

- Grenoble also counts ~15,000 professionals in software working for international SMEs and global leaders like Capgemini, Atos, Business & Decision Eolas, Bull, HP, Xerox, Orange Labs, Oracle (from Sun Microsystems), Salesforce, etc. With 2,000 researchers working for public labs and 5,000 students in ICT, Grenoble covers all the fields of ICT: cloud computing / SaaS, hosting, big data, eCommerce, simulation, security, internet of things, EDA, artificial intelligence... 1 "The CES 2014 experience will allow Minalogic's members to broaden the impact of their innovation and better capture their share in key markets. Being part of the vibrant global electronics and software industries at CES will bring the startups essential feedback and additional opportunities to leverage technological advances and their collaborative partnerships. New contacts, combined with established experience in open innovation, will lead to accelerated growth", commented Philippe Wieczorek.

MINALOGIC members at CES 2014 Meet 7 Very Innovative French startups, with timely demos and announcements LVCC South Hall 2 (Ground level): Alpwise (booth MP25484 (with EM MicroElectronics-US Inc.) Revenues: EUR 852K Emp.: 17 Creation: 2004 Specialized in wireless solutions offers protocol stacks, RF modules, reference design, plug-in's software, development kit, and a wide range of service to support your wireless product development.

At CES 2014: Alpwise will launch its new range of Bluetooth products and its new technology "Audio Over BLE" to transmit voice with low energy.

Movea (booth 25336) Emp.: 57 Creation: 2007 Movea is a leading provider of motion processing and data fusion software, embeddable firmware, and IP solutions for the CE industry. Movea's unique sensor and data fusion capabilities enable customers to quickly add motion intelligence and deliver compelling new motion-based features for mobile, sports and interactive Tv. Headquartered in Grenoble, France with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, California and Seoul, Korea.

At CES 2014: Sam Guilaume, CEO of Movea, will be one of the 4 panelists of the "Wearables and MEMS Sensor Fusion" conference on January 8, 2014, 3:25-4:15 p.m. at LVCC, North Hall N261.

Eureka Park: Venetian (Level 1): BeSpoon (Booth n75106) 2012 Revenues: EUR 390K Emp.: 25 Creation: 2010 Fabless semiconductor company which has cracked the individual positioning problem. Its chips can track items or individuals within a few centimeters... over long ranges. To achieve that, BeSpoon measures the time of flight of an ultra wide band signal with a precision of 125 picoseconds! This opens fantastic opportunities to monitor assets, enable precise indoor location and ultimately keep track of all belongings on phones.

At CES 2014: BeSpoon will present its new service of precise localization.

Cyberio Revenues: EUR 120K Emp.: 4 Creation: 2010 Distributed sensing intelligence; digital hardware and software solutions for detection and localization.

Cyberio's tools, the result of 20 years of research in 3D reconstruction of environment algorithms using reverse acoustic propagation models, allow customers to use data from "sensory" networked sensors called acoustic sensors and industrial imaging sensors in a convergent multimedia/data networking solution.

At CES 2014: CYBERIO will launch its first suite of products for 3D localization.

ISKN (Booth n73507) Emp.: 7 Creation: December 2013 The mission of the company is to combine the natural experience of familiar tools with the power of technology. Using patented sensor technology (ISKN has eight patents pending and several others are in progress), ISKN is working to integrate its technology into many new devices.

At CES 2014: The ISKN team will cross the Atlantic to present the beta version of iSketchnote, a smart iPad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience and comfort of writing on paper. Backers of their wildly successful kickstarter campaign and others at CES can test-drive the new cover and its drawing application! Kalray (Boothn73102) 2013 Revenues: EUR800K Emp.: 65 Creation: 2008 Fabless semiconductor & software company developing and selling a new generation of manycore processors for high performance and energy efficient applications. Kalray's products boost the development of innovative digital applications in the fields of image and signal processing, telecommunication, intensive computing, industrial automation, data management & networking or transport.

At CES 2014: Kalray will announce a major innovation in video encryption in collaboration with key worldwide partners. Expect stunning "world premiere" live demos in video encoding during the show, Kalray's first time at CES! Kolor (Booth n75205) 2012 Revenues: EUR 1.8M Emp.: 26 Creation: 2004 Develops image-stitching software, virtual tour software and 360-degree video software, and offers a selection of the best equipment for panoramic photography and video on its online store.

At CES 2014: Kolor will present its solutions for 360 interactive video.

About Minalogic - - @Minalogic Created in 2005, the Minalogic global competitive cluster in Grenoble is a public/private partnership with more than 200 members dedicated to supporting integration of hardware and software. Minalogic's collaborative projects are focused on developing products and services that capitalize on the potential of better combinations of micro- and nanotechnology and software. The cluster encourages and supports industry research-training collaborations with companies in Europe, Asia and the U.S., while responding to the global high-tech community's need to identify new value-added services that can be integrated into existing products in health care, the environment, mobility, the media, the textile industry and other areas.

Media contacts: H&B Communication France : Marie-Caroline Saro - Tl. +33 1 58 18 32 44 / +33 6 70 45 74 37 - International : Claire Flin - Tl. +33 1 58 18 32 53 / +33 6 82 92 94 47 - [1] Source of data: AEPI, the Grenoble-Isre Economic Development Agency ((M2 Communications disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE. Data supplied by named party/parties. Further information on M2 PressWIRE can be obtained at on the world wide web. Inquiries to


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