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TMCNet:  iSpeak4U Announces the Release of HandySpeech 3.0 for Mobile Devices

[December 19, 2013]

iSpeak4U Announces the Release of HandySpeech 3.0 for Mobile Devices

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. --(Business Wire)--

iSpeak4U announced today the retail availability of a new, improved version of, HandySpeech the only handwriting-to-speech application for iOS devices, which provides people with speech disabilities a quick and easy conversational tool. HandySpeech is a valuable tool for individuals with a variety of speech and language impairments, including those who is suffering from stroke or brain injury; are living with oral, head and neck cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's disease, or autism; and those with post-operative voice difficulties.

The application's ability to translate handwritten text into spoken language makes HandySpeech easier to use and more natural than commercially available keyboarding solutions. Because HandySpeech can be used on any of Apple (News - Alert)® mobile devices, it is portable and readily accessible via WIFI or cell phone connection. The application remembers frequently used phrases and learns the user's handwriting style. To help a diversity of individuals with speech disabilities, the application generates natural-sounding male and female voices in a total of 13 languages.

A video about the application is available here.

The application was created by a twelve-year-old boy who was inspired by his sister, an autistic girl with speech disabilities. "I invented HandySpeech to give a voice to people who find it difficult to or are unable to speak," said Eric Zeiberg. "The application is dedicated to courageous people who struggle every day to overcome their disabilities. I hope that HandySpeech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need."

The newly available Version 3.0 of HandySpeech has a new user interface based on the latest iOS 7 operating system, a new speech engine for faster, clearer conversation and handwriting recognition improvements. Phrases can now be recorded through handwriting, in addition to typing input. As always, one-time payment for the application includes installs on iPad, iPhone (News - Alert), iPod and all future updates. The application is available at the App Store.

The specific technology features of HandySpeech include the following:

  • Advanced handwriting recognition technology
  • Assistive speech technology
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) application
  • Context analyzer: HandySpeech automatically corrects written words based on the user's intention
  • Adaptive learning of the user writing patterns, which improves ability to recognize the user's handwriting over time
  • Use of simple finger gestures to insert special characters (e.g., space, return)
  • Alternative keyboard input

About iSpeak4U

A provider of software products and services for mobile, web, and server applications, iSpeak4U is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities through innovations in assistive technologies. Its mission is to create easy-to-use mobile applications to help people with disabilities to achieve an independent lifestyle, open new opportunities, and reach their full potential.


For more information please call us at 860-874-8212, email:, visit our web site, our page on Facebook, our YouTube channel, or follow us on Twitter (@HandySpeech)

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