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TMCNet:  OpenFL Announces Support to Open Its Ecosystem to Tizen

[December 16, 2013]

OpenFL Announces Support to Open Its Ecosystem to Tizen

PALO ALTO, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

OpenFL, the creator of a leading open source tool kit for building fast, native games and applications, has added full support for allowing developers to port apps to Tizen.

appbackr which has created an appscoring platform that creates a quality measure based on user reviews, stars and other factors, announced it would be scoring apps on OpenFL and providing up to $1 million in incentives to port apps to the new Tizen operating system. Developers will receive their appbackr® appscore™ based on the quality of the app. The appscore, combined with the number of downloads, forms a basis for a financial incentive.

"OpenFL has a vision to make creating and porting apps easy and open. We believe that Tizen represents a great opportunity for talented developers to port their content to anexciting new operating system-Tizen," said Joshua Granick, CEO, OpenFL. "Our integration with appbackr gives developers a great way to be recognized and to earn meaningful incentives from cash to technical assistance to devices," Granick continued.

appbackr appscore offers a predictive analytical ranking system which scores apps based on reviews, sentiment, and other attributes. "This integration into a tool that gives us a chance to uncover the best and the brightest apps within OpenFL and bring them to emerging operating systems is exciting," said Trevor Cornwell, Founder and CEO, appbackr inc. "The upcoming support for Flash will open up a huge community of apps that can now be a part of a next-generation O.S.," Cornwell concluded.

"The chance to bring great apps from the OpenFL ecosystem to Tizen is exciting. The integration of appscore and the appbackr Xchange API into OpenFL is an important way to support these apps to enter a new operating system," Granick continued.

OpenFL is a software development kit that provides an environment for building fast, native games and applications for iOS, Android (News - Alert), BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Linux, Flash and HTML5. OpenFL enables a fast workflow where developers can create Haxe projects that deploy to native C++ for ideal performance, while providing a familiar set of APIs and the flexibility of leveraging Flash Player or HTML5.

appbackr, based in Palo Alto (News - Alert), is an app scoring platform that allows developers to receiving backing for their apps based on the quality score.

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