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TMCNet:  Top ten tips to help SMEs improve online security

[December 16, 2013]

Top ten tips to help SMEs improve online security

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) London -- Global security expert Avira have identified small businesses as amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to protecting themselves from online threats and viruses. A lack of dedicated personnel and resources make it difficult to protect against the complexities of the continually evolving virus. Motivated by money, the savvy cyber criminal has realised SMEs can make easy targets, often combining relatively high turnover with inadequate antivirus security.

The latest threats include exploiting the vulnerabilities of specific software products. This new type of threat has been named the Zero-Day attack. Currently it is only happening on a relatively small scale, enabling it to go unnoticed for as long as possible. However the risks are great. Even though the malicious software has affected computers, it goes by undetected, allowing the hacker to steal all sorts of confidential information such as bank account details and passwords.

Sorin Mustaca, Aviras IT security expert, has put together these guidelines to help SMEs to protect themselves before such an attack has the chance to strike.

Dont think that you are immune because you are a small business, as the opposite is true Conduct a risk analysis by identifying the most important assets and the impact if somebody was to get hold of them Identify how somebody could gain access to these assets Install security solutions on ALL computers, not just those connected to the internet and ensure they are kept up to date Protect your network security through the use of firewalls, proxies and access lists Assess if the level of password protection required for online tools & services is adequate Ensure sensitive information is encrypted when stored Use a patch management solution that constantly checks and automatically delivers security patches to software known to have vulnerabilities Remove software or equipment no longer needed, ensuring any sensitive information on it is wiped first Define recovery procedures if an attack took place Avira Business Solutions offers an Endpoint Security package for three or more PC users and file servers, which ensures networks are protected from viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and other malware.

Other benefits include easy installation and 24 hour online support.

For less than three users, take a look at Avira Professional Security Join the Avira community on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter About Avira More than 100 million people rely on Aviras security 25-year expertise and award-winning antivirus software to protect them, making the company the number-two market share leader globally. Avira is recommended by Consumer Reports for its free antivirus software; cited by OPSWAT as the No.1 fastest-growing antivirus company in 2012 and the second largest company worldwide in 2011.

Avira provides family friendly IT-security protection, delivered as both software and cloud-based services. Visit

100,000,000 users cant be wrong.

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