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TMCNet:  Goo Technologies and Ludei to Reinvent HTML5 Gaming

[December 12, 2013]

Goo Technologies and Ludei to Reinvent HTML5 Gaming


Goo Technologies, the leader in HTML5 high-end graphics for games and interactive visualizations on the web and the company behind the Goo Engine®, today announced that it is partnering with Ludei, an HTML5 app and game development platform, to bring next-generation HTML5 graphics to iOS and Android (News - Alert).

Game developers can now build amazing WebGL games with interactive, rich 3D graphics using Goo Create or Goo Engine and deploy them everywhere, both on the web or now also as native apps for mobile app stores using Ludei's mobile platform, CocoonJS.

"Since advanced graphics on HTML5 emerged via the WebGL standard, developing games has been an inefficient process, and deploying on iOS and as native mobile apps has been impossible," said Marcus Kr�ger, executive chairman, Goo Technologies. "We created Goo Engine and Goo Create to make game graphics development on HTML5 easy and accessible. Now we're teaming up with Ludei to help developers reach mobile devices too. We're really excited about the creative possibilities this partnership will offer game developer."

"Ludei has been helping HTML5 game developers achieve native-like performance and successful monetization on multiple platforms, especially mobile," said Eneko Knorr, founder and CEO, Ludei. "Goo Create, with its web-based platform, ease-of-use, and powerful engine, is an exponential leap forward in terms of making HTML5 and WebGL a truly competitive, cross-platform game development ecosystem."

The new partnership between Goo Technologies and Ludei will empower game developers to distribute on web-based portals, including Facebook (News - Alert), Amazon, and Google Chrome Store, as well as in native mobile app stores like Android and iOS. Finally, HTML5 and JavaScript will be a platform for advanced browser games and native mobile games, all with full WebGL support.

For more information, please visit or To learn more about the partnership, check out the demo video here.

About Goo Technologies

Goo Technologies is a pioneering web technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our Vision is a world where all digital experiences are available instantly on all devices, everywhere. In the internet world we envision, advanced games and interactive graphics are published online just like a web page. It's a world where even the most advanced games are made available on any device regardless of physical location.

Using our amazing Goo Technology, we help the gaming world revolutionize the publication and distribution of games by enabling seamless instant and interactive 2D and 3D game experiences directly in the browser. This allows our customers to deliver their games as-a-service, in the browser and thereby increasing revenues and reducing costs by simplifying development and maintenance. Games can finally be published in all web channels and on all devices; computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

About Ludei

Ludei's CocoonJS is an HTML5 app development platform that provides developers with the tools, APIs and services to optimize, publish and monetize their apps through every web and mobile app store from a single code base, with native-like performance and features.

CocoonJS' unique technology makes it possible, for the first time ever, to run WebGL content, such as Goo-based games, inside any iOS or Android app.

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