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TMCNet:  Defeat Horrifying Creatures with Powerful Magic in Zero Zen's

[December 11, 2013]

Defeat Horrifying Creatures with Powerful Magic in Zero Zen's "Conjurer: Awoken"

SEATTLE --(Business Wire)--

Launching today on Android (News - Alert) and iOS, Zero Zen's Conjurer: Awoken adds a distinct Lovecraftian flavor to tower defense games. Based on an original concept, Conjurer tells the story of a wizard who, drunk with power, dissolves the thin veil separating the living and the dead. Tasked with correcting his mistake, the wizard must use magic crystals and powerful spells in order to survive his own creations.

With an emphasis on spells, fixed defense structures (crystals) and fast-paced action, Conjurer has players face wave after wave of increasingly powerful enemies, requiring quick reflexes and tactical might to beat each of its 10 unique campaign levels. The game's intricate story is told through the wizard's own words: a whirlwind of madness, curiosity, and the overbearing guilt of unleashing Evil unto his world.

Eventually, the creatures combine to form a great and horrendous "Tentor"-a building-sized beast that quickly becomes the wizard's greatest adversary…

"A single creature inspired the world of Conjurer. I then wondered where it came from - and who was responsible," said David Perez, founder and CEO, Zero Zen Games. "Playing as the flawed wizard who breaks the rules and allows monstrous beasts to enter his world is much more engaging than being the good guy. With Conjurer, I wanted to create an atmosphere of impending doom, of grave mistakes that if left unattended would lead to a sudden, horrific end."

Key Features

  • Detailed 3D Graphics: Take down hordes of monsters in beautiful high-res graphics
  • Full Single-Player campaign: Play 10 increasingly challenging levels
  • Level Up: Improve Fire, Ice, Mana, and Evocate stats with Experience Points
  • Powerful Magic: Upgrade your crystals and subjugate your enemies with massive fireballs
  • Disturbing Monsters: Expect nightmares after experiencing the game's horrific universe
  • Beyond the Campaign: Participate in a number of Endless gamelay modes
  • Supports Game Center & Google (News - Alert) Achievements: Compete against your peers with live leaderboards for both iOS and Android

Conjurer: Awoken is free to download and play. Players can unlock the full game after level 4 for only $1.99.

Download the iOS version at

Download the Android version at


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About Zero Zen Games

Zero Zen Games was founded by David Perez, a mild-mannered Senior Software Developer at a major online retailer and daring indie developer by night. Conjurer: Awoken is Zero Zen's first title. To learn more, visit

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