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TMCNet:  Coming Soon to a Retail Store or Trade Show near You--Lifelike, Computer Generated Virtual Presenters from PRSONAS

[December 11, 2013]

Coming Soon to a Retail Store or Trade Show near You--Lifelike, Computer Generated Virtual Presenters from PRSONAS

DURHAM, N.C. --(Business Wire)--

They can sense your approach, speak your language, answer your questions, even take your credit card. And they can learn a new language or script just as fast as you can hit "SEND". PRSONAS, the leader in smart virtual presenters, announced today the launch of their line of photorealistic computer generated virtual presenters.

These innovative units will allow companies to quickly and easily interact with their customers in the physical world much as they now do online.

With the new photorealistic computer generated image (CGI (News - Alert)) PRSONAS units, brands and agencies can customized the look, voice, graphics and end user experience of their virtual presenters without the time, and expense o the video shoot that's traditionally been required.

So expect to see more of these units cropping up venues near you.

"The photorealistic virtual presenters our team has developed look amazingly like real people," said David Rose, CEO of PRSONAS. "But unlike real people they can interact with consumers in an unlimited number of languages, automatically conduct commerce transactions and gather detailed analytics on each end user experience."

Brands that interact with consumers in the physical world will now have much more flexibility in updating the content of their virtual presenters. For example, brick-and-mortar retailers can easily update the weekly specials, offers and rebates promoted by the virtual presenters in their stores.

"The development of photorealistic CGI virtual presenters is a critical step towards the mass adoption of virtual presenter technology," said David. "Now that brands can easily update the content and graphics of their virtual presenters they can begin to determine what content consumers respond to. Marketing in the physical world will become more like online marketing with a personalized customer journey."

Click here to view an image of the PRSONAS photorealistic CGI virtual presenter.


PRSONAS smart virtual presenters use artificial intelligence and computer generated visual technologies to interact with customers and gather valuable user analytics in the physical world. PRSONAS can deliver marketing messages, provide customer support and conduct commerce anywhere, anytime and in any language.

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