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TMCNet:  TrueAbility Provides Guidance for IT Hiring Trends for 2014

[December 09, 2013]

TrueAbility Provides Guidance for IT Hiring Trends for 2014

SAN ANTONIO --(Business Wire)--

Technical assessment platform provider, TrueAbility™, today announced its guidance on Information Technology (IT) Hiring Trends for 2014.

Over the past year, TrueAbility has evaluated skill performance and provided companies with the hiring decision data of more than five thousand technical professionals.

Since the founding of the company in 2012, their cloud-based platform has helped leading companies find and evaluate IT professionals aptly skilled in the technologies needed for their job openings. TrueAbility's technical job simulator allows companies to recreate real-world technical environments in order to assess candidate skills, giving TrueAbility's research team a unique dataset which provides insights on changes that are emerging in the IT technical workforce.

With the rise of utility and cloud computing, distributed applications and remotely distributed technical workers, the company foresees both challenges and opportunities for IT employers, recruiters and technical professionals around the world.

The following is TrueAbility's guidance for technical hiring for 2014:

1. With the rise of utility computing, the demand for configuration management skills will increase.

As utility computing becomes more pervasive, there will be an increase in demand for proven technical skills in configuration management, like Chef or Puppet, which enables automatic deployment and scaling of critical infrastructure.

2. The continued shift towards cloud computing will require new skill sets - and the need for technical professionals to demonstrate these skills.

Yesterday's technology might have one app in one location, residing on one machine. Going forward, there is little resistance to the rise of cloud-based, distributed apps that will reside on many servers in multiple data centers located in different parts of the world. Building for this type of environment requires new knowledge and skill sets. Interviewing for these skills is tedious and requires intimate familiarity with the technology to identify the best candidate.

3. Th Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be more aligned with hiring the right people, as opposed to buying the right hardware.

Previously, TCO has been associated with hardware and infrastructure. As utility and cloud computing becomes more pervasive, the true cost of ownership will be in hiring, developing, and retaining the right people with the right set of skills. There will be more emphasis on Recruiting, Learning & Development and Employee Engagement to evolve with these skill changes.

4. Practical, proven knowledge and skills will overrule the previous metric of "years of experience."

With regard to many of the emerging skills needed on technology's cutting edge, a technical professional's "years of experience" will no longer be aligned with the previous thinking of "expert status." Since many of the newer skills needed won't be found deep in the work experience on a resume, actually demonstrating what the technical professional can do versus what's on one's resume will emerge as the key to advancing in their careers.

5. As IT departments make the shift to the cloud, they will increasingly rely on recruiters' ability to find them the right people with specialized and proven skills.

IT departments will increasingly rely on the ability of recruiters to remain in lockstep with their technology changes and identify skilled developers, system administrators, and engineers who understand utility computing, applications built for the cloud and infrastructures that are built to scale.

6. There will be an increasing cultural acceptance of embracing remotely distributed workforces in order to attract and maintain the right people with the right skills for the cloud-based world.

The best talent, with the right skills set, may not reside where their employers-to-be are based. In order to attract and retain the most qualified technical talent, companies will increasingly embrace moving more of their technical positions to remote or telecommuting roles, lending to a much more distributed workforce. Even companies with historically stringent policies are loosening up on this.

7. DevOps Engineers are the next go-to person in the IT food chain.

As applications are built in new, flatter structures, we will continue to see the transition of traditional System Administration roles shifting to a discipline called Development Operations, or DevOps. A hybrid of server administration, software automation expertise, and basic development, these DevOps Engineers are steadily becoming the must-have inside the modern IT organization.

8. New types of educational institutions will come online fulfilling a huge gap in traditional IT education.

Traditional institutions of higher learning and technical trade schools have yet to catch up to the educational and training demands of a cloud-centric IT environment. New types of educational institutions, including those who are in the for-profit education sector will take advantage of this opportunity gap and bring new curriculum and programming that are centered not only on newer technologies, but focus on creating skills-oriented graduates who will be the best potential job candidates.

About TrueAbility™

With TrueAbility, technical professionals prove their technical acumen through real life scenarios, delivering objective, easy-to-use skills data to hiring companies. Companies benefit by assessing a job candidate's technical skills in a live environment--a job simulator for their open positions--from anywhere in the world. Visit to learn more.

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