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TMCNet:  Gerard Barron, Co-Founder and Former CEO of Adstream, an International Advertising Management and Distribution Company, to Serve as Executive Director for Kannuu

[December 04, 2013]

Gerard Barron, Co-Founder and Former CEO of Adstream, an International Advertising Management and Distribution Company, to Serve as Executive Director for Kannuu

DALLAS --(Business Wire)--

Kannuu Pty Ltd, a provider of search and discovery solutions for video content across multiple services and devices including Smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, today announced that Gerard Barron, co-founder and former CEO of Adstream, one of the world's largest advertising management and distribution networks, will serve as executive director for Kannuu, guiding the company's business development initiatives and spearheading Kannuu's aggressive growth strategy.

Mr. Barron will remain on the board of directors for Adstream but will relinquish his responsibilities as CEO to focus on accelerating adoption of Kannuu, a comprehensive platform that satisfies consumer demand for fast and easy search and discovery of video content across multiple services and devices while driving advertising revenue, strengthening customer loyalty and maximizing the value of video assets for service providers.

Founded in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, Adstream provides services to advertisers, agencies, production agents, publishers and broadcasters to assist with the production, management and distribution of advertisements on television, radio, internet, mobile, print and workflow platforms. Adstream offers solutions in asset management, validation, delivery, and storage, versioning with products such as Adbank, Quickprint, nVerge, Adreach and Adinfinity among others.

Under Mr. Barron's leadership, Adstream has grown from startup to presence in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Middle East and today has over 30 international offices. Adstream supports global advertisers with one of the world's largest digital networks for both print and broadcast advertising delivery, connecting over 3,000 channels and more than 39,500 publications worldwide.

Mr. Barron is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur and early growth investor who has served as Kannuu's Chairmn of the Board of Directors since the company's inception. Encompassing the full spectrum of video meta-data content storage, search, discovery and delivery -- from information architecture and Cloud delivery to search algorithms, recommendation (relevancy) techniques and a superior user interface -- the Kannuu platform provides the 'laidback' experience today's consumers demand while enabling providers to differentiate their service offerings, attract and retain customers and fully monetize their video assets.

Kannuu Executive Director Gerard Barron said, "Over the past several years the Kannuu team has made great strides in building out the Kannuu platform, securing marquee customer wins, and validating Kannuu's unique and compelling value proposition. Multi-screen viewing of video content -- both traditional linear TV and OTT services -- is clearly at an inflection point and is hindered only by the limitations of currently available search and discovery solutions. The Kannuu platform vanquishes these limitations, and avails to providers tremendous revenue and customer loyalty opportunities that, quite frankly, are largely left untapped because of unnecessary complexity, technological ineptness and the incomplete or mis-guided internal initiatives of providers. I am eager to work closely with the Kannuu team to achieve our aggressive growth goals, and I am confident we'll take the company to greater heights as service providers learn what is possible today thanks to the Kannuu platform."

Kannuu CEO Todd Viegut said, "In today's market of exploding video content, Smart TV saturation and pervasive multi-screen viewing, whichever provider offers the best interface for consolidated search and discovery across multiple video services and devices will own the customer -- and a healthy cut of all revenue opportunities associated with that privileged relationship. We're proud to deliver to consumers a unique, fast and easy search experience purpose-built for today's market, and to our service provider customers a flexible, end-to-end search and discovery solution that can be rapidly implemented and is proven to deliver immediate and long-term benefits."

Viegut added, "Gerard has been a tremendous asset as a member of the Kannuu board, and we are thrilled that, as executive director, he will play a more active role in developing and executing Kannuu's business strategy. His entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and industry experience and contacts will contribute greatly to Kannuu building on our market momentum, stepping up execution of our growth strategy, and bringing to fruition Kannuu's vision of becoming the gold standard for finding video content in today's content-rich, multi-screen environment."

About Kannuu

Kannuu provides cutting-edge search and discovery solutions for quickly finding video content in today's multi-screen environment. Combining sophisticated delivery infrastructure, advanced search algorithms, proprietary recommendation techniques, flexible business rules and a unique and intuitive user interface, Kannuu enables device manufacturers, service providers, software companies and application developers to maximize the full value of video content. By providing a fast, easy and vastly superior user experience, Kannuu satisfies consumers and drives revenue for service suppliers. For more on Kannuu, visit

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