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TMCNet:  'TypeEd' Kicks Off Winter Curriculum in Los Angeles

[January 15, 2013]

'TypeEd' Kicks Off Winter Curriculum in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, Jan 15, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- TypeEd, a program of typography and typesetting courses for designers, students and practitioners, launches on Jan. 19, 2013 in Los Angeles. Spearheaded by Michael Stinson and Rachel Elnar of local award-winning design studio Ramp Creative, TypeEd offers ground level training in the craft of typography--a fundamental skill for anyone working in print, web and motion design, and advertising.

TypeEd instructor Michael Stinson has spent two decades as a designer, art director and most recently, a university lecturer on the topics of typography and graphic design at the University of Southern California and College of the Canyons in Valencia. He launched TypeEd with his partner Rachel Elnar after seeing the growing need for typography education, which has become increasingly overlooked in an age where mastering digital design tools has taken precedence over studying the fundamentals of design itself.

"At TypeEd, our students leave with the skills of structure, rhythm and proportion so they can set beautiful type in any situation," said Stinson. "We teach them how to depend on their eye to make design decisions, not the software - making them more valuable to employers, clients and colleagues." Said former student Daniel Gomez, "Michael is a master of graphic design and his true expertise lies in typography. His teaching method involves using a combination of exposing us to real-life examples that he sees everyday and showing us how to improve upon them. I was very privileged to have learned from Michael." Organized into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, each TypeEd course level comprises one three-hour session comprised of lecture- and practice-based learning using Adobe InDesign. Specialty workshops will also be offered to dive deeper into typography and typesetting specifics. TypeEd courses are kept specifically small to allow one-on-one instruction and attention. Classes, which are held at Ramp Creative's downtown Los Angeles studio, began this past summer, while the official launch kicks off January 19, 2013 at the start of the winter session.

The winter 2013 schedule includes: Class 1 / The Basics: Characters & Words: Students will learn what type is and isn't, typography and music, the language of type, letterform anatomy, measurements, the importance of grids, preparing to use type and more. (Dates: January 19, 2013 & March 16, 2013) Class 2 / The Necessities: Students will learn classifications, primes vs. quotes, stroke weights, line calculation, order & structure, choosing & pairing typefaces, type detailing and more. (Dates: January 19, 2013 & March 16, 2013) Class 3 / The Details: Pages & Typesetting: Students will learn ligatures, flush spaces, kerning display type, hyphenation, fakes, text cleanup, justification and more. (Dates: February 16, 2013 & April 13, 2013) About TypeEd TypeEd educates designers, students and practitioners on the fundamental skills of typography. The program gives students abundant abilities in structure, rhythm and proportion while focusing on the joys of typography. Students learn superhuman awareness to transform desktop publishing fumbling into truly effective communication at the speed of light. For a complete class schedule, to register for classes or for more information:

About Ramp Creative For the past decade, Los Angeles-based design firm Ramp Creative has garnered global recognition for its work from such prestigious institutions as the Communications Arts Design Annual, How Magazine International Design Annual, Blackbook's AR100, Appleton Design Council Showcase and the Mohawk Paper Show. The firm handles design thinking for its clients through creative services in visual branding, corporate collateral, marketing communications, broadcast graphics, interactive design and packaging. For more information:

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