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TMCNet:  Research and Markets: STMicroelectronics LSM333D 4x4mm 9-Axis IMU Reverse Costing Analysis

[January 04, 2013]

Research and Markets: STMicroelectronics LSM333D 4x4mm 9-Axis IMU Reverse Costing Analysis

DUBLIN --(Business Wire)--

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "STMicroelectronics LSM333D 4x4mm 9-Axis IMU Reverse Costing Analysis" report to their offering.

System Plus Consulting is proud to publish the reverse costing report of the new 9-DOF IMU supplied by STMicroelectronics (News - Alert).

The LSM333D is a 4x4mm system-in-package featuring a 3axisgyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axismagnetometer.

ST achieves to obtain this package footprint by combining the 3-axis gyroscope and the 3-axis accelerometer function on the same die. This new structure, combined with an Au-Au hermetic bonding process allow ST's to shrink the 6-axis function by more than 35%.

The LSM333D is targeted for portable applications: indoor navigation, smart user interface, advanced gesture recognition, gaming and virtual reality input device It provides accurate output across full-scale ranges up to �2000dps (rotational acceleration), �16g (linear accelertion) and �12 Gauss (magnetic field).

This report provides complete teardown of the 9-Axis (News - Alert) IMU with:

- Detailed photos

- Material analysis

- Schematic assembly description

- Manufacturing Process Flow

- In-depth economical analysis

- Manufacturing cost breakdown

- Selling price estimation

Key Topics Covered:

Overview / Introduction

- Executive Summary

- Reverse Costing Methodology

Companies Profile

Physical Analysis

- Package X-Ray

- Package Opening

- Package Cross-Section

- ASICs Dimensions

- ASICs Delayering

- ASICs Cross-Section

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Dimensions

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Cap Opening

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Sensing Areas

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Cross-sections

- X/Y-Axis Magnetometer Dimensions

- X/Y-Axis Magnetometer Delayering

- X/Y-Axis Magnetometer Cross-section

- Z-Axis Magnetometer Dimensions

- Z-Axis Magnetometer Delayering

- Z-Axis Magnetometer Cross-section

Manufacturing Process Flow

- Front-End Manufacturing Process Flows

- Description of the Wafers Fabrication Units

- Back-End Packaging Process Flow

- Back-End Packaging Assembly Unit

Cost Analysis

- Yields Hypotheses

- ASICs Wafer Cost

- ASICs Die Cost

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Wafer Cost

- MEMS Gyro/Accelero Die Cost

- X/Y-Axis Magnetometer Wafer Cost

- X/Y-Axis Magnetometer Die Cost

- Z-Axis Magnetometer Wafer Cost

- Z-Axis Magnetometer Die Cost

- Back-End: Packaging Cost

- Back-End: Final test & Calibration Cost

- LSM333D Component Cost (FE + BE 0 + BE 1)

Estimated Price Analysis

- Manufacturer Financial Ratios

- LSM333D Estimated Selling Price

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