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[December 08, 2009]

Gluster Storage Platform launches

Dec 08, 2009 (TELECOMWORLDWIRE via COMTEX) -- Open source storage solutions provider Gluster announced on Tuesday the general availability of Gluster Storage Platform.

The company said that by integrating the GlusterFS file system with an operating system layer and improved management user interface, it provides a complete storage software platform that simplifies the task of deploying large-scale storage.

The platform features 'no-metadata server' architecture, providing true parallel data access, ensuring linear scalability and eliminating the risk of metadata server failure or corruption. In addition, the solution provides a cost effective open source solution on commodity hardware that meets enterprise requirements for data availability, ease of management and scalability.

The product offers the following features: web-based installation and management; integrated management of volumes, data resources and servers; high availability; and real time self-healing. In addition, the complete platform image fits on a USB memory stick.

The platform also ensures continuous operation of virtual machines (VMs). Replicated virtual machines can continuously operate in the event of hardware failure and recovery is performed in the background without requiring a restart or blocking I/O to the live VM.

Gluster Storage Platform is now available with subscriptions starting at USD1,500 per storage node per year.

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