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Patton Rocks the VoIP World with SmartNode Gateways
Vol. 3 Iss. 3 – July 2011
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Information Technology - Embracing Network Optimization
Embracing Network Optimization
Whether you're operating a mobile, fixed or converged network, companies are facing unprecedented demand for an improved quality of experience from customers. In a nutshell, network optimization ensures that companies are operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while they prepare to transform to an all-IP next generation network. The very heart and soul of network optimization are simplification, efficiency and automation.
Information Technology - Cloud-Sourcing: The Next Generation of Outsourcing
Cloud-Sourcing: The Next Generation of Outsourcing
Cloud computing has been whispering a lot of promises to IT, ones that CIOs are still not sure will be delivered. While the cloud is simplifying some aspects of IT, it's making others that much more complex, including outsourcing models and redefining the role of service providers.


Cloud Computing
Seven Habits for Highly Effective and Usable Cloud Deployments
Cloud computing is presenting great promise, along with a tough dilemma, for IT architects. The cloud promises to be a powerful business enabler that delivers on-demand scalability, high availability, rapid deployment and lower cost benefits to users. However, it also creates a rogue IT phenomenon by allowing users to buy cloud services with a swipe of a credit card and easily move sensitive applications and data with little to no security or governance...
Web 2.0 → 3.0
The New Social Enterprise Boom: Expectation, Valuation and Reality
Priced initially at $45 a share, the stock skyrocketed to $122.70 in the first day of trading, which caused opposing camps to raise concerns about a possible dot-com era redux, while others began reorganizing their portfolios to prepare for a string of social media company public offerings. But regardless of whether you yelled "bubble" or later pointed out that LinkedIn may have been undervalued, the amount of uncertainty among investors should bring up red flags...
Data Centers
Five Tips to Secure Your Data Center
Since the dawn of the computing age, hackers and network security professionals have been in a constant tug of war between advancements and innovation, success and failure. Today, numerous surveys of IT decision makers cite the issue of security and availability as the major impediment to the adoption of cloud computing.
How Virtualization Changes Your Disaster Recovery Plan
The adoption of cloud computing and virtualization is increasing quickly. According to Symantec's "Enterprise IT Journey to the Cloud" survey, more than 75 percent of enterprises are at least discussing virtualization, and a significant number have already implemented some form of virtualization in their infrastructure. But the adoption of these new technologies raises concerns regarding the reliability of data and applications accessed through the cloud. In particular, organizations are concerned about high availability and disaster recovery.
Consolidating Network Appliances with Virtualization
Virtualization has transformed the economics of running data centers. Indeed one could say that without virtualization, data centers would have faced a serious power consumption dilemma. With virtualization, it is now possible to make more efficient use of physical resources and thereby space and power consumption, which lead to cost savings.
The Great Mobile Slowdown
Legacy Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can't solve this problem because they choke on mobile content that is, by definition, dynamic, personalized and impossible to cache. Delivering content to a diverse array of devices is also hard. Processing power and display capabilities of handsets and tablets vary widely as do connection speeds. Here in lies the "real" problem. Latency equals loss of user engagement, which translates into loss of revenues especially for ecommerce mobile websites. Let's walk through some of the more detailed causes of the mobile bottleneck and ways to remedy those situations.

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Editor's Letter
Let's All Try to Work Together, Shall We?
The chief financial officer is increasingly becoming a top technology investment decision maker, if not the highest, in many organizations...
Publisher's Outlook
HP Itanium Feud with Oracle Hurts Customers Most
The rivalry between HP and Oracle is definitely heating up and the endgame probably isn’t good for HP. For more than a decade, an acquisition spree at Oracle has allowed it to become a software behemoth depended on by IT departments worldwide. And as the company rolled up industry after industry (CRM in particular) they were able to get regulators to buy-in because Oracle was one of the software companies acting as a counterbalance to Microsoft...
Lights Out
Enterprise Social Media: It's Here, It's Now
“Moving forward, the next generation of social media companies must push beyond focus on social networking and add real, unique value to the enterprise,” wrote Dr. Luosheng Peng, GageIn, concluding that, “Time is on the side of the social enterprise market, as we watch younger generations join the workforce seeking to apply their knowledge of social media to business challenges across the enterprise.”