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The Future of Social Media
Vol. 2 Iss. 1 – January 2011
The Future of Social Media
Social media has had a profound impact on businesses not only in terms of corporate reputation and branding, but perhaps more important, security and the rise in social media usage in the workplace…
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Information Technology - 10 Tech Companies to Watch
10 Tech Companies to Watch
In fact, cloud-based and software as a service (SaaS) delivery continue to be key adoption factors, and of the more than 80 vendors that Gartner tracks for this marketplace; more than 50 provide social software through cloud-based and SaaS delivery. Cloud-based and SaaS models have many potential advantages for social software deployments as buyers of these services tend to be business executives with specific marketing, R&D or HR budgets, the research says.
Information Technology - The Year of the Bull? Disruptive Forces Transcend Year of Recovery
The Year of the Bull? Disruptive Forces Transcend Year of Recovery
By all accounts, 2010 was the year of economic recovery and it seems safe to say it looks like the worst (knock on wood) is behind us. In fact, according to industry analysts and senior-level decision makers, the U.S. economy will begin to show signs of improvement in 2011 with a little help from a sector known as IT. Disruptive forces including emerging devices such as the media tablet as well as cloud computing, virtualization and social media will continue to drive industry growth in the New Year.


Cloud Computing
Why You Don't Need a Cloud Strategy
While this new saying is good news for large vendors who quickly rebrand existing and/or legacy technologies to go along with the momentum, it can also cause a number of challenges. The main one is that it can introduce risks and new costs with minimal ROI for companies building out cloud strategies outside of their normal IT practice. So, to get it right the first time, rather than looking at the cloud as a separate replacement strategy, companies need to look at it from the bigger picture as a complete IT strategy.
Web 2.0 → 3.0
Electronic Discovery Outlook for 2011
In the past several years, electronic discovery (e-discovery) has become the equivalent of a four-letter word for large enterprise IT and legal departments, which have struggled to deal with the cost and complications of this relatively new discipline. The process of manually collecting, processing, analyzing and reviewing email and electronic documents in response to investigations, litigation and regulatory inquiries has in fact become so costly - and fraught with risk - that many organizations have taken steps to automate and take control over the process.
Data Centers Case Study
Leading Online Automotive Parts Retailer Quickly Revs Up its Network
As a leading online provider of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. became somewhat of a victim of its own success. Established in 1995, the company provides consumers a wide variety of automotive-related products through its network of Web sites that are mapped by a proprietary product database to product applications based on vehicle makes, models and years.
Creating the Enterprise-Ready Cloud with Identity and Access Management
Cloud computing adoption is alive and well among organizations despite concerns around security. A recent study conducted by Management Insight and sponsored by CA Technologies showed that 80 percent of mid-sized and large enterprise organizations have implemented at least one cloud service, with nearly half saying they have implemented more than six cloud services. This adoption is happening even though 68 percent of respondents cite security as a barrier to cloud adoption.
The Ghost in the Machine: Calculating Virtualization's Hidden Costs
In the past five years, enterprises have embraced virtualization with gusto to reduce their data center footprint and optimize their IT infrastructure. Most of these new virtualization initiatives began innocently enough, starting within the closed sandboxes of testing and development. Now, as virtualization has proven its value, it has begun to creep into enterprise production environments with the pace and momentum of Japan's bullet trains.
Smartphone Quickly Becoming the New Key to Shopping Paradise
One thing has always been true: Customers love a good bargain. But in an iPhone/Android application world, customers are no longer interested in looking so far and wide in order to have a satisfactory shopping experience. They want their experience across store, mobile and online landscapes to be seamless. And beyond that, customers crave a single point of impact that provides instant knowledge of the retail information universe.

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Editor's Letter
Integration of Disruptive Technologies Distinguishes Year Ahead
Christmas came early for some Capitol Hill lawmakers…or did it? By a 3-2 vote on Dec. 21, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission paved the way to protect net neutrality on broadband networks. Under its plan, Internet service providers such as AT&T or Verizon will be prevented from blocking access to lawful websites and content; the divisive plan also affects wired broadband providers.
Publisher's Outlook
MangoSpring MangoApps for Better Corporate Collaboration
Months back you may recall I covered Cisco Quad, a corporate social networking solution for truly massive companies. While many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint as a social solution, another option is to turn to MangSpring’s MangoApps, a solution which takes the best elements of Facebook, Yammer, Quad and others and combines them into an easy-to-use app that the company proclaims is a powerful open communication and project execution solution for Fortune five-million companies.
Lights Out
The Forecast for 2011: Still Cloudy
As we head into the 2011, the most significant trend from 2011 is likely to hold that spot for the foreseeable future - Cloud Computing.