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Enterprise Wifi Takes Off
Vol. 1 Iss. 1 – October 2010
Enterprise Wifi Takes Off
The concern over enterprise-wide Wifi has always been its ability to handle mission critical applicationsbut, with the 802.11n standard in place, the technology is capable of handling most enterprise applications today.
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Information Technology - Starting Up From 20,000 Feet
Starting Up From 20,000 Feet
For IT executives like Jeff Bonforte, adrenaline is an undeniable addiction. Put aside the 400 skydives the former Yahoo vice president has under his belt, as well as his several million-dollar ventures. These days, Bonforte is behind the wheel of another fast-moving startup as CEO of Xonbi.
Information Technology - 2011 IT Spending Report: CIOs to Spend More on Cloud, Automation
2011 IT Spending Report: CIOs to Spend More on Cloud, Automation
As 2010 draws to a close and executives plan for next year in these marginally improved business conditions, CIOs will pursue scalable technologies that leverage tools such as automation, social media and mobility while limiting capital investment, making workforces more agile while shrinking footprints.
Strategic Planning Helps IT Stretch Budget Dollars:
Doing More With Less

The economic downturn has forced IT decision makers to modify their objectives. In many cases, reducing costs, improving workforce productivity and making business processes more robust in light of tighter industry regulation replaced focus on planning for growth. "Doing more with less" has become a popular theme over the past few years in IT planning/budgeting.


Cloud Computing
IT Hybridization: Why You Need a Hybrid Backbone
The question is no longer about whether your organization will adopt the cloud, it's about when, how fast and how deep.
Web 2.0 → 3.0
Social Networking Channels Embrace Location Awareness
Over the past few years, social networking has become a phenomenon that's nearly impossible to ignore. Twitter has exploded since 2006 and now boasts more than 100 million active users. The rise of social media networking platforms like Twitter has resulted in greater transparency into participants' lives.
Data Centers
Mid-Sized Companies on the Cutting Edge of Technology
Mid-sized companies are more likely than large enterprises or small firms to adopt the latest technologies, such as cloud computing and virtualization. At least those are the findings from Symantec's 2010 State of the Data Center Report.
The Overlooked Foundation for Network Security
A major airport was recently shut down due to a security violation. A man rushed into the terminal through an exit-only passage and blended into the crowd before the security guard could stop him. Worse still, the security guard did not get a good look at the man to find him among all the other people.
Cloud Services Cures Data Challenges for Healthcare Document Manager
Last year at this time, Florida-based Automated Document Solutions (ADS) had a new business opportunity with a large hospital group that needed back-file scanning, storage and 24/7 access to 7 terabytes (TB) worth of medical records. The job required a more robust infrastructure than ADS' existing colocated setup, including a hardened in-house data center with a Storage Area Network (SAN).

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Editor's Letter
Starting Up, Looking Ahead
Here's something we at InfoTech Spotlight learned early during the labor of love that gave birth to the magazine you're reading: Part of what's daunting about an inaugural issue that focuses on topics such as cloud computing, security and virtualization is the sheer scope of those technologies.
Publisher's Outlook
Bringing Fairness and Accountability to Technology Journalism to Serve You Better
The technology market has shown itself to be a vibrant force in a struggling global economy. For example, companies looking to reduce travel costs now use collaboration and telepresence as a lower-cost alternative to airplane travel. Moreover, the cloud reduces data center costs, mobile computing has increased worker productivity, ERP helps streamline operations and boost efficiency while CRM systems have boosted customer loyalty.
Lights Out
A Crazy Little Thing Called Cloud
As Executive Editor Erin Harrison pointed out in her Editor's Letter, the somewhat ambiguous "cloud" can help level the playing field, allowing smaller companies to compete with larger, financially more secure, and often more established entities.