Information Technology


Afshin Zarenejad Info

Afshin is currently an instructor at a college where he teaches a wide array of technical courses that are constantly evolving to meet the current standard of the IT community. He also sits on the board of directors for the Veterans Workshop. A charity designed to train disabled veterans and equip them with the skills necessary to be highly competitive in the world of technology. Up to early 2015 he was a Senior Security Analyst in a Security Operations Center (SOC) for a major defense contractor and is working towards his Ph.D in Information Assurance and Security. He held this position for several years and worked hand in hand with a team of analysts that scour the internal network on a daily basis looking for threats and leveraging intelligence gained from public, private and government sources. Prior to this position Afshin spent 15 years working in the teaching world instructing on all common of the shelf programs, networking, security and various other genres of education.