TMCnet’s Information Technology Industry Channel Program

Welcome to the TMCnet Information Technology Industry Channel Program. Channels are micro-targeted information portals where readers can find topic-specific news, blogs, articles, feature stories and product reviews. These community-building vehicles enable TMCNet’s partners to build their brands in specific, Information Technology industry topics, and establish themselves as thought leaders in the Information Technology industry.

This page is an example of the type of channel we can create for your company. We can customize it to your liking.

This location is the perfect spot for you to tell customers about your channel and the resources available on it. An introduction paragraph includes targeted keywords related to the topic of your channel. This description should be short, sweet, and repeat the title of your channel several times to emphasize its importance. Our in-house channel editors provide expertise regarding the most appropriate content on your channel to optimize search engine ranking and attract the attention of potential customers.

The TMCnet Information Technology Industry Channel Program creates for you a customized portal that is exclusive by category (keywords), which you choose, positioned on our homepage and directly accessible from any page on the Information Technology industry site.

Your channel acts as a dedicated, exclusive "portal" to communicate a customized marketing message to specific online audience of Information Technology industry decision-making customers. When you sign up as a channel partner, your channel reaches prominent placement on the search engines according to keywords relevant to your company's products and technology.

The Information Technology Industry Channel Program allows your company to create a custom portal (channel) on our Web site that includes your:

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