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November 16, 2010

Five Cloud Computing and Business Integration Predictions for 2011

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCnet Contributor

According to Hubspan, a provider of cloud-based business integration solutions, companies are likely to put a top priority on exchanging real-time, event-driven data that enables greater business agility.

The company also predicts that companies will place a greater focus on getting closer to the customer to maximize existing relationships to positively position businesses for the eventual economic recovery.

These findings were part of the top five predictions Hubspan announced for cloud computing and business integration for 2011.

With the hype around cloud computing starting to transition to practical reality, the emphasis will focus first on solving specific business problems while looking to the cloud as a way to quickly and cost-effectively solve these problems, the company said.

Hubspan’s first prediction says that “companies will stop buying the cloud and start buying the solution.” While in 2010 companies were buying cloud, in 2011, the hype will die down and decision-makers will be more cloud savvy, realizing the cloud is just a consumption model – albeit a compelling one.

According to Hubspan, companies will go back to basics and focus first on solving a business problem, then finding a good solution.

The second prediction, “BI2: Convergence (News - Alert) of business integration and business intelligence,” means that more companies are exchanging information outside their four walls at an ever increasing rate.

Companies want visibility into this goldmine of information because they know it can have on their top and bottom line. BI tools that were once deployed as standalone products will acquire bundle form in 2011 that includes business intelligence as a value add necessity as part of integration solutions.

In its third prediction Hubspan says “cloud vendors will unite to address security.” Security has been the prime reason why companies continue to proceed cautiously with moving mission critical data and applications to the cloud.

This anxiety over security isn’t likely to diminish in the near future, according to Hubspan. Cloud providers are approaching this issue cautiously. “In the next year, we’ll see a heightened focus from cloud vendors on SLAs, best practices and compliance that will help customers overcome their concerns about security, and keep cloud adoption and innovation on an upwards trajectory,” officials at Hubspan said.

The fourth prediction from Hubspan says, Doing business the “Customer’s Way” becomes a necessity for growth.” In today’s volatile climate, businesses will need to get closer to their customers out of necessity to maximize their relationships.

To get closer to customers, companies must focus on customer needs, adapt to customer resources, and provide value that will impact customer bottom lines without forcing them to change the way they currently do business.

According to Hubspan, 2011 will see more companies realizing this area of opportunity, and finding ways to help customers leverage existing infrastructure with minimal added investment. They will integrate and automate critical business processes, build customer loyalty, and positively position their companies for the eventual economic recovery.

The last prediction says B2B integration is quickly evolving to become a more critical part of an organization’s overall IT and business strategy. The company expects to see more convergence and M&A activity in this space over the next 12-18 months, as vendors look to add capability and global reach to meet demand.

“Over the last year, companies have been increasingly collaborating and exchanging real-time information with external partners and customers, making B2B integration all the more critical for everyday business success,” said Margaret Dawson, vice president of product management for Hubspan, in a statement.

“As companies continue to look to for ways to extend the value of their existing infrastructure and automate critical business processes, they will leverage the on-demand, scalable power of cloud computing,” Dawson added.

At the recently held Cloud Computing Expo, Hubspan’s officials discussed how companies can get started in the cloud, what to look for in a SaaS (News - Alert) vendor, and how to determine the build versus buy decision process for a company.

Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.